How is your weather?


Coldest temps of the year expected tonight. Im lucky enough to live in the most northern area of the light blue shade. The purple is hard freeze warning light blue is wind chill advisory. Gonna be too close for comfort tonight about to bring all the tropicals I can move close to the south wall of my house. Here we go been waiting for this moment for sometime.


Miami is forecasting falling iguanas…with temps in the 30Fs/40Fs…they get cold and fall out of trees. be careful out there.

Sunshine and right around 20F here today…nice Jan day…started cold…0F… Last week the GFS was so out to lunch with subzero temps around here…but i’ll take it.


Miami, FL was 40F this morning… ouch! Got to have been years the last time it was that cold.i’ll have to dig it up…

Cancun, Mexico was 55F… by far coldest morning for them.

Interesting in that even in a warm pattern it can still get chilly in the subtropics…

Looks like snow here for the next 2 days… mild though…temps in mid 30Fs…


This winter may end up with no temps below 0 here. Not natural.


we have had only a handful during the day and not much below -5f. very unusual here as well. not complaining as I’m saving on heating oil and getting some ice fishing in. :wink:


It’s really going to have to get a move on if it gets to the predicted 43 here today. It was 20 well up into the a.m. and apparently as low as 14 in some places last night…well below the forecast.

Too early to say this is the warmest of winters…the low for the winter was 13 here around 20 years ago…I expect it to drop below that range in February…but it may indeed not go below zero. And that will be fine with me here in Kentucky!


31 and cloudy. I’m not used to that kind of warmth. Worked up a heck of a sweat snowshoeing today. Didn’t need the hat or long johns I had on


33 and snowing heavily for the last hour. Only supposed to get 1-3" but had that by 1400. Temps are to be mild for the next three days. Here’s to hope!


It’s a chilly 50 degrees here in NE FL…windy…hit our low temp of the year so far year of 32.5…for some reason that feels much colder here than in other places…looking for a warming trend then rain at the end of the week.


Our snowstorm this weekend is turning into a rainstorm with some possible mixed Sat night. Sunday is showing 43 degrees & rain. Goodbye to the snow again! :grinning:


not up here! looks like another ft.


It has turned to light rain/drizzle here…the streets are all slop and a lot of melt is happening.

Had maybe 3 or 4 inches overnight…

Looks mild all next week…


Forecast high in the 40’s but it’s 51 currently here in KY…zone 6b.


6b here as well. Just South of BlueBerry and it is 43 and raining.


Pretty heavy snow this morning around here…this should be about it i hope. We have really jumped into winter…solid 6+ inches of snow on the ground now…

My son has been sick for almost a week… seems like everyone has kid/kids that are sick right now. Really moving thru this area (i think its the flu).


I feel ya there Stu, Halloween is correct on your history from 2019, it can be spring in March this year I’m ok with it.


Influenza B has been really bad here. My kids and grands have all passed it around. Seems like us ol’ fogies are immune.


Yeah…my son had what we think was that which has turned into a nasty cough…which is slowly getting better… Last year he never got sick.

Long range looks blah… its been cloudy here for a week now…maybe more… temps are stuck between low 20Fs and low 30Fs… not much melt happening…snowpack is all crust now. Next week we should finally clear out and night should drop off into single digits/below 0F when some colder air shows up… Be nice to see some more sunshine.

Last year on 30th it was -26F
On the 31st it was -33F


We had a pretty decent January for once. I’ll take it! The bad storms missed us, no severe cold, either.


A little heavy on the rain for this early in the year but quite normal everything else considered.