How is your weather?


same here. our weather was colder in nov. snow is half it was last year but still 2ft. above average.




we had 176in. of snow last year. 3rd. most on record.


I was getting ready to leave this morning and i counted 8 squirrels…a group of 5 all following each other and 3 more still up in a tree… That can’t be good.

27F and clouds again. Maybe this weekend we see sun. The endless clouds are getting so old. This is like November.


I see that all the time here. It doens’t bode well for my future orchard. My cats are no help, I sometimes see them lounging in the lawn as the squirrels dig around them.


A chilly morning coming up next Tuesday. Otherwise, I expect all the citrus/avocado will start to flush in another week or 2.


The sun has returned! I’m thinking that was about a 10 day stretch of clouds…we actually had snow yesterday. Very mild weekend…should be in the 40Fs tomorrow.


46F at 9am… heatwave…might hit 50F at this rate… We melted a lot of snow yesterday…today should get rid of more. Only downside is winds gusts could blow to near 40…so…


58 degrees today. Snow melted lije a river run. Will be colder the next few days.


We are also 58° today, but for us, that’s a 12° drop! Was 70° here yesterday.


Will no one think of the groundhog? I gather that his verdict for the year is that the polar vortex is done for and Spring starts today.



We had a one day reprieve. Single digit lows starting tomorrow here


yep. teens for highs starting midweek here. next couple days in the mid 30’s i better get out and enjoy it!


We had a pleasant blast of cold last night dropping the temperature to about 50 degrees. Mid 80’s expected later this week.


Mid 30Fs… more snow melting. We lost a lot os snowpack over the weekend. The east/west/south facing roof is snow free again… and the north is almost there.

Jan ended +6.6F… and about a foot of snow.

Looking out I don’t see anything that hints at subzero Arctic temps… actually might be hard to find any single digits at least in the next week.

Maybe March will get us. There was a winter…around 1999/2000 ish…that we didn’t drop below 0F until March…it was an odd year. I remember taking the boat out in Feb and there was hardly any ice. That was the same year i think we hit 80F in March and i took the boat out that day and the water was so cold and the air so warm that the aluminum was sweating like mad…


Low 60s yesterday and today, but a bit cooler temps coming with heavy rain tonight and tomorrow. Was hoping we could a week of dry weather to dry the ground out a bit. But, dry winters don’t seem to happen here.


Yes, it was either 1999 or 2000 – I’d have to do some research to figure out which, as I can’t remember. But, 13 was our low for the entire winter. And that set a record for my lifetime here in KY.
But, so far, we are at about 15 for a low this winter.

I am thinking we’ll get colder in the second half of February but time will tell. Will be the highest for a winter low in my part of KY if we don’t dip lower.

Groundhog saw his shadow…if that counts. And honeybees are swarming a yard full of crocus today…mid 60’s and cloudy.


I’m getting the years screwed up…2000 was the warm March… that was the boat year for me… starting March 5th that year…it was 4 days in a row of warmth…unheard that early in the year…

It was 2002 that meteo winter (DJF) didn’t have a subzero… March 3rd was -2F and 4th was -6F…
… it did hit 0F in Feb…1F in Jan and 0F in late December… so close… It was 90F on April 15th… Jan that year had 5 days above 50F… but Feb and March were 'eh …


Was almost 60F and sunny here yesterday, t-shirt weather. 9.5F outside right now with light snow. That’s almost a 50F drop.


warmwxrules, I am glad you figured that out for where you are.

Still, here in KY it wasn’t 2002…because I was living in Cleveland County North Carolina 2002, 2003, and Charlotte 2004, 2005, 2006 in the winter months…and my recollection on Kentucky’s winter wouldn’t be as specific but I was living in Rockcastle County KY 1998-2001. It was during that span that we had our record warm winter here. (Oh, mid-Jan through April I was in Richmond KY in 2004… and 2005 part in London KY and part in NC…it was rather mild doing outdoor construction.)

May well have been different in Wisconsin or Michigan.