How is your weather?


The late 90s were very mild winters up here. I met my wife in '97 (she was in high school and i was over at her house constantly) and can still remember that time period being very mild… i think the cold of the early mid 90s flipped to a much warmer stretch…

ugh…i’m old.

Looks like the west coast trough and se ridge in the future…


it was like that here as well. i think it was the winter of 97’-98’ we barely got any snow. was 30f above average. your not the only one feeling old!


Jan. 1998…oh, I remember that one alright. Forecast called for a “light dusting” by NWS and all 3 Lexington KY tv channels!

We got 14 inches, and I-75 was closed, and I had to get to a nearby town for removing snow from parking lots…snow removal contract.

Ain’t participated in ‘snow removal’ since. Hibernation is for me in such events!


Yeah those late 90s were nice and mild here… I would pick my wife up and we would just go drive around almost every single night and i don’t remember any extreme cold…although i do think 2000 was very cold winter… so it did bounce back. If you remember '97…the news was all El Nino…all the time…or so it seemed…

Going back further…i remember going out to California in summer '92… we came back and i remember how cool it was (i think it was August '92)… and years/decades later only came to figure out it was a '91 eruption of a Pinatubo volcano that probably caused that cooling. Something we really haven’t seen since (or so i think). Maybe Yellowstone will go and we’ll see some real cooling.

Chilly day but sunny again…that is 4 days in a row os sunshine…liking the return of that. Should be around 10F tonite. GFS still only hinting at one cold shot around mid month…but who knows…that might modifty.



Our first snow in several yrs. But the sun is poking thru and it will be gone in 24 hrs.


Nice! It adds moisture…that can’t be bad?

I remember years ago…i still have some screen grabs…but snow made it all the way down to the gulf coast…the beach had snow.i think it was near south padre…

Dropped to 9F here…but up to 28F …sunshine again. Man these sunny days are so much nicer then the never ending cloudiness.

3rd week of Feb has a nice trough into the southwest…while summer comes to the southeast…quite a difference from west to east…


Tornado warning in several nearby locations. Looks like we will be on watch all night.


I think that may be the same system moving our way. @dutch-s, I expect you guys will get hit with that early/late afternoon as it moves west to east across Florida…It’s expected to come our way between 7PM and midnight, heavy rains and wind gusts up to 60mph…haven’t had anything like this in a while…


that same system is supposed to drop up to 25in. of snow starting today into fri. night!


Yep. Looks like it was pretty wicked west of us. I need the rain but hate the foul weather. Be safe.


yep. that much bad weather is never good. be safe Jeff! batten down the hatches!


wasn’t it you who said a few days ago that in the 10 or 14 day forecast it was supposed to not get down to 32 at all?
Shows the long-range forecasts aren’t too good…tomorrow it’s only supposed to get to 32 for a HIGH!
Boy, a few days, how the forecast changes! (I call it missing their calling.)


I don’t remember saying that, but it is supposed to be below freezing maybe the next few nights, with maybe up to 3in of snow by tomorrow night. But, we are then in for a gradual warmup and more rain (hate it). It’s been dreary and rainy here the last couple days.


It is currently 81 degrees with 73% humidity. Winds are about 20 mph. It feels quite pleasant, to be honest.


Fugly here


25 inches? holy cats…

Calling for up to 8 inches around here Sunday…hope its only half that.


Looking ahead here…late next week could push the coldest air of the year so far into this area…


It got nasty last night…the bottom dropped out on the barometric pressure, and right around 10:15 the wind started howling, followed by the rain…oddly enough, that one storm was worse than our entire hurricane season…power flickered and went out for a few minutes…If you’ve never experienced it, it’s scary as hell when you hear the wind screaming around the house in the pitch dark…We were fortunate and didn’t lose any trees…Had there been more rain it might have been a different story, we got about .70 inches…

Realized I’m going to need to relocate my weather station…Throughout the storm, wind speed never got above 20mph and I know for sure some of the gusts were well north of 50…I think the anemometer needs to be a lot higher than it is…

Anyway, this gives you a good idea of the temp drop…went down 17 degrees in 45 minutes…


Yep, 3 inches snow in Madison county…measured it on some evergreen shrubbery 4 feet off the ground. On the ground or pavement, much less as it melted from the bottom. What’s it like in the Carter/Boyd county area?