How is your weather?


We got about 3in here, all schools in this area are closed, including my wife’s employer MSU. It started in about 1am, and is still flurrying some. This is the biggest snow here in three years.

I haven’t been outside yet, will try to get some pics. Our driveway is somewhat clear, but lots of snow on the grass and trees. From what I can see, the road is clear. It’s about 31, so if the sun comes out, I’d expect some to melt.

Our cats, who are less than a year old, aren’t liking the snow. They really want in, which we did let them come in for some treats. But, back outside they go.


Some pics from my outing today, after we had got about 3 inches of snow this morning.

My feline escort. This was their first big snow, don’t think they cared for it, but still followed me everywhere

Triple Crown blackberry row by the barn. A bunch of canes on a double wire trellis. Huge four year old pear behind the row

View down below the house looking south

Juliet cherry in foreground, smaller Romeo in back

My four UArk blackberry varieties languishing in the snow, need to trellis them up.

Some apples and pluots below the barn

Old chicken coop and outhouse, currently unoccupied

Three year old Blushingstar peach

Snow covered old barn

One of my four year old Grimes Golden apple trees, with investigating cats

View looking down the hill toward the old house and huge pine tree

Early morning view down the drive


A balmy -16 at 7:40 a.m.


-10f here. its a cold cleanup day. had to bring the wife to work because of the 4ft. drifts in the driveway from yesterdays 2ft. snowfall. thank God for 4wd and good tires! was a wicked whiteout blizzard last night. my daughter in law had to sleep at her work at the hospital as the road home was closed because the DOT couldn’t keep up with the drifting.


wow…we sat in the mid 20Fs most of the night and have no slide back down to 22F…a dusting of snow here too…some clearing now.

Still showing a good storm incoming…6 to 8 inches.

The gfs has really flipped long range… much more mild look. No subzero temps now next week.


Plenty of sub zero temps here next week. It does look like we’ll miss the snow tomorrow though, so that doesn’t hurt my feelings.


I don’t want any… I like that we almost got rid of what we had. Just when it was safe to wash the car.

I ordered some seeds so hope they get here quick… i’m a little behind…probably doesn’t matter when its snowing in May :slight_smile:


Just returned from Florida vacation yesterday to this mess of snow and ICE. Wish I had taken pictures this morning…it was really pretty. Unfortunately the ice took down a lot of our orchard deer fence…that’ll be fun repairing over the coming days.:roll_eyes:


Still a good 18" on the ground here, but after the one day warm up last weekend it is now crusted pretty hard.


Has this been a ‘normal’ winter for y’all so far? Last year was some historic cold, but this one seems a bit more tame. Still a month or so to go, tho.

Different climate here of course, but our coldest nights have been around the low teens, compared to a couple nights near zero last year. We had our biggest snow in three years yesterday, but it was only 3in or so. But, it has been very rainy too, which seems to be the norm.


We’ve been pretty average so far. Nothing like last year as far as cold goes. I think we’re behind last year on snowfall as fell. We are above average for snow though. That’s been pretty typical the last number of winters. About average temps and above average snow. I believe 2 of our coldest winters on record have occurred since 2012.


Well. It had to happen. Our first >70 day happened yesterday. 73.2°. For those of you not up on California weather, it’s starting to look like the RRR (ridiculously resilient ridge) years are reappearing. It won’t be long until we’ll need to revive the “It’s raining in California” thread during the drought years.


Probably saving on those propane and electric bills, then.

Our niece and nephew live in our old house, which has one propane wall heater (30k btu). They just had about 150 gallons put in their empty tank. I’m not thinking it’ll be enough to last them the rest of the winter.

They also use electric infrared heaters, which can really use the juice. May be why their electric bills run about $100 more than us per month.


up here propane and electricity are crazy expensive. reason why no one heats with them here. woods the cheapest . then fuel oil. some use pellet stoves to supplement but too many incidents of fires with them. we are looking into putting in a heat pump to hopefully offset some of our oil costs.


Zone 6b in Kentucky means the AVERAGE is 0 to -5 at the low for the winter.
Based upon the current winter, if we don’t drop below 15 in February or in March…then this year we are in 8a like north Florida!

Normal? No.

Especially when I recall cars driving on Lake Cumberland in 1977 and -20 for a high one day in 1985. Those weren’t normal either, and got us lowered into zone “5” for a spell by the Weather and Ag folks who decide those things.


You should try a heat pump. They work well even below zero with some of the higher end models. Even here i think one would work well because we don’t really get that many nights below 0F and lots of days in the 20Fs… I’ve even been tempted to put one of the heat pump hot water heaters in when my powervent nat gas dies… in summer it would about run for free considering its just going to cool the basement…something i do with the aC anyways.

i have nat gas…and it is really cheap to run so i haven’t really thought about anything else. The furnace is a high efficiency model…except it isn’t a variable speed like the newer ones…which would be nice …mine is either on or off…no in between.

Another sunny day here…isn’t tonite some super moon?

Anyone noticing the longer days… i did for the first time yesterday… it creeps up on you slowly…


theres a $1500 rebate going on right now so we may take advantage. wish we had nat. gas here. nearest pipeline is in NY i think.


that moon is wicked bright. use to love riding sled on a full moon night like this. everything is crystal clear.


I THOUGHT that looked like an outhouse!


Yep, but it hasn’t been used in about 20 years, according to my wife, this is her family farm.

They didn’t get city water out here until 2003, so everybody had wells.

There were/are two wells here, one was dug out by hand about 80 years ago and lined with stone. The other was drilled 35 years ago, it has a 6in steel casing.

The water table is very close to the surface, they never went bone dry, and it was very good tasting, according to her.

Regarding outhouses, I wanted to build a nice new one to put out by the barn, because it’s a long way back to house. But, alas, that has yet to happen, like a lot of things I’ve planned.