How is your weather?


Our bluetick coonhound Beau who is skiddish from his past life got lost tonight at my daughters. His first trip there. Too many people, too much excitement. Fortunately, it was bright enough to search for him by the moonlight. FINALLY found him about half a mile away. Silly goose!

He’s there in my profile pic in front, looking curiously dalmation-ish in color while sweet Katie our choc lab looks on. Me, I’m the old gray goose who aint what she used to be :slight_smile:


Looks mighty chilly!!!


my son had 2 beagles. they would sometimes be gone in the woods as long as a week running rabbits behind the house. once they cut a track they were gone! could yell all you want they just kept going. you can’t be more that 29 -30? :wink:


Our local utility offers almost zero in rebates. I know i’ve read threads where people about get these high efficiency water heaters/etc for nothing after rebates…but i suppose that money comes from somewhere.

Wow is it snowing here. Probably some of the heaviest snow this season. They upped the totals .8-11 inches locally.t.hat would be the biggest storm this year. I-90 …i-94 .would be fun about now…

GFS has -20F Friday morning… cold air moves in and out quick… i guess clouds/wind will make or break that.


94 is about 30 minutes south of me and that section would be just fine today :grinning: Not a flake in the air.

I see New Ulm, MN got about 9"


Yeah the Madison to Eau Claire would be a parking lot. Already a semi off the road near me.

Should let up some here in the next half hour…waiting to snowblow.


We have a high end Lennox heat pump (large unit on pad) and have forced hot air…we only use electricity w/ propane back-up. The unit has been extremely efficient & reliable. Our recent utility bill for January was $189.


Some chilly air this week, but it’s short lived


A high of 79, today. Low to mid 80’s for the remainder of the week.


Ouch that -4 day makes me shiver!


-4 days make the sunny days in the upper 20s feel really nice :wink:


-3F out there this morning… 8 inches of fresh snow and clear skies… There was also some frozen fog in areas…for some reason. It wasn’t that bad out there because there isn’t any wind. The sun should help things moderate some this afternoon.

Models did really well with the snow amts with this storm…

Temps are all over the place this week.


Ugh, more rain, started about midnight and has been coming down off and on since then. More coming through now, with no let up until tomorrow morning. The snow just about finished melting so this will make it just a quagmire. At least it’s 48 now, so no more frozen stuff.


Those rebates are put in as a requirement from state regulatory commissions, which get a say in how rates are set as a check on utilities being effective monopolies. It’s more common in high-regulation states and less in low-reg states. I think WI used to have a more robust program, but the Walker administration did away with a lot of it. My brother lives in Middleton, and when he looked in to it, the program sets the maximum income eligibility so low that most people who can actually afford a property don’t qualify.


Just one day of cold, then back to same-old


That would make sense. Very much a monopoly… i guess a person could say screw it and throw about 5kW of solar on the roof…which is tough in this climate when it can be cloudy for a week straight. I have no idea how or if grid buyback is even a thing here. Maybe you can’t even hook up to the utility (and sell solar back). Although there is a house i drive by daily that has got to have several kW of solar on the roof…not sure how they do it.

Today would be a great day for solar…fresh snow and sunshine and cold temps.


many of the bigger farms here have gone solar. if i had more land id consider that with the heat pump. the income eligibility here in Maine is pretty low. a lot of people have the pumps here and for good reason.


I must have missed the January thaw in Sheboygan, WI.


My brother in law is from Sheboygan… I think the whole family worked at Kohler at one time.

Cloudy and 26F but feels so much colder then yesterday when the sun was out.

Still should see coldest temp of the year Friday morning. GFS spits out -20F …i think we make a run for it…clear skies/calm winds and a fresh’ish snowpack…crazy thing is by Sat we should be in the 30Fs so a nice 50F+ turn around.



  • WHAT…Dangerously cold wind chills expected. Wind chills as
    low as 35 below zero.

  • WHERE…Stearns and Todd Counties.

  • WHEN…From midnight tonight to 10 AM CST Thursday.

  • IMPACTS…The dangerously cold wind chills could cause
    frostbite on exposed skin in as little as 10 minutes