How is your weather?


The night time humidity has been almost unbearable. I can’t believe it’s October…


We’ve had a really warm stretch…today was brutal…hoping it let’s up by the weekend.


Nate stopped by yesterday, and left behind another 2in of rain, so we ended up with just a bit under 4in this weekend. Quite a bit, but we needed it, I think it’ll help out the trees.


Wish Nate had made a brief visit here


off and on showers here all last week… still above avg. temps in upper 60’s and very muggy. got 2 hard frost last week also. evie2 strawberries still producing!


I’m surprised you’re still getting strawbs, even after a freeze. Doesn’t that mess with their quality?

Do you use wood for heat, and if so, have you got your wood stacked up and ready to go?

I’m supposed to help my bro-in-law next week, cut and stack some wood for their fireplace. We’ll go up in the holler and cut up some red oaks.


Saw a lot of freeze warning on the weather last nite. How did everyone do?


Our weather here is in the high 80s with 90% humidity. Ugh. Horrible weather for the fall. I should go out and weed and sow some of my winter crops, but when I start to sweat after 5 seconds outdoors, it’s hard to muster up the will to do unnecessary garden work.

Looking forward to next week when the weather should be highs in the mid 70s and lows in the mid 50s, and less humidity. It’s actually a pleasure to do outdoor chores in weather like that.





yeah. they aren’t as sweet as earlier in the summer but its the only fruit left this time of year. the plants in this area are very cold hardy also. still have raspberries ripening but they slowed down a lot.we have oil heat here but most burn wood as its a lot cheaper. most go thru 6-- 8 cords per winter up here.


Very telling. :wind_face::snowflake:


Oil heat? I imagine that can get pretty pricey in your locale? At least it’s not as high as it was just a few years ago. I had the propane tank (which is used to heat the old house down the hill from us) half filled last year, and it cost about $250. We didn’t use it all, but we don’t spend a lot of time in it.

Wow, 6-8 cords, that’s a lot of log-splittin’!
I think when I helped my BIL the last time, we stacked about two cord, and they didn’t use it all last winter, but it was a pretty mild one. Like I said they just use it for their fireplace, they use propane for their usual heating.

My wife wants us to put in a wood burning stove in the old house since we got here, but I’ve been reluctant to do it. Lots of work putting one in, especially if we’re not going to live there. But, it might be nice to have a warm place to go to if the power goes out in our present all-electric home.

I considered a wood boiler when we first moved here, but that has been kinda pushed to the wayside as well.


yeah. the oil runs us $800 a year on average so not much more than wood which is $!20/ cord cut and split. nice to have a wood stove in case elect. goes out tho.


Pretty good frost this morning, (second time,) so took out the calendar to note it and look back on the last frost in spring. First frost this fall was October 9.

From frost to frost in Spokane in 2017: 150 days.


We got 7 inches of rain this weekend - I think I can finally stop worry about the drought


Looks like we are in for a little pattern shift, and dare I say…RAIN!!! lol
But then we warm right back up.


tomorrow we’re supposed to cool off pretty significantly, although it may be short-lived…



Enjoying a warm, dry day at Disney’s California Adventure park. :slight_smile:



They were calling for a frost last night here, the coldest night so far this season. Most predictions were about 38, but some had 35. So, I didn’t want to risk my peppers freezing so I got out yesterday before dark and picked most of what was left. Ended up getting about 15lb.

It only got to 38 this morn, so the plants should be OK. We have another week before it’ll be back down in the 30s. No rain until next Mon, and highs in the 70s all week, perfect weather. Lots of leaves on the ground, but still quite a few still on the trees. Not a lot of color, tho, guess it’s been too dry.


Past few weeks have been very wet…everything is green/moist again. Tomatoes are still going…Nicotiana and many other flowers still flowering. I think i saw a monarch this afternoon. Still haven’t brought in any of my tropical plants.
River is very high right now. Mowed (for the last time i think) the other day. Leaves are changing, but some trees are bare while others are almost green still. No frost locally. I think i had 38F one morning. Still haven’t turned on the furnace.

70F and blue skies this afternoon. A+ day. Very little wind. It seems like its been so windy the past few weeks.

Strong signal for rain AGAIN on Sat (3rd sat in a row). Next week we might not get out of the 40Fs and have a good shot at some frost.