How is your weather?


Brrrr :snowman:


Rare frost here


Man, it was sunny and 38 here yesterday. I could have snowshoed in shorts :grinning:


next 3 days are going to be in the 30’s. 40f mon. !


That landscape looks so serene.


You definitely have my respect. I wish that I could say the same :slight_smile:


Low 30Fs… slowly creeping up… Noticed about a million guys out ice fishing this morning when i drove past the river/lake… Better melt off what we can this weekend because more is on the way according ot the last 2 runs of the GFS…yuck…



Ice fishing sounds enjoyable, tbh. I’m pretty sure it’s not too bad if you’re bundled up well.


You may already know this but North Florida is very different from South Florida. I’m almost in Georgia… This is out in timber land. Serene is a very good description…


This time of year can be a lot of fun…on these sunny mild days… With thick ice (because of last weeks subzero temps)…you can go about anywhere. An ATV would be a lot of fun. Could probably drive for miles and miles…some spots can get a little iffy but stay close to the shore and out of the strong current and you shouldn’t die… Have no idea what they are fishing for…but my guess would be perch/crappie or walleye or a mix.


got a 18’ kawasaki terex 800 utv 2 summers ago. some years in early season, like this year, there isn’t much snow but plenty of ice. i used it thru most of jan. a lot more fun than a sled and the dump in the back holds all my gear. solid windshield blocks most of the wind. a lot more comfortable riding and the dog has his own seat. he barks at the auger when i start drilling.


Those look way better then a typical ATV…i like the windshield …like a little pickup truck. The Alaskan yt couple i’ talked about in the past have a 6x6 … although i think those can have mechanical issues.

My older brother bought one of those little Chinese pickup trucks with the tilting bed… have no idea why.

Snowstorm looks south a little…right on the edge here… Madison/…might be in for a foot or more… this could be a big storm for someone.


mines just a 2 seater but with plenty of storage. wasn’t going to buy one but it was the wifes idea so why argue. was fall of 18’ left over and i got a great deal on it.


We bought a 2011 625i Gator about the same time, used with ridiculously low hours. Holy cow has that thing been put to work! It has a power dump box and locking rear differential. We don’t use it in winter, but have looked at tracks for it (ouch @ $3000!). My orchard site is 1/2 mile from the house so it gets a work-out going back and forth. The dog loves to ride in it, but is afraid of it otherwise since she ran into the side of it (the dumbest Labrador in the history of the world). We have over 6 miles of access trails throughout our property, so it really helps with maintenance. I wasn’t in favor of the purchase, same as you, because we have so many tractors and felt they were more capable. However, i have to admit I’m the one that monopolizes it now!


mine also has a locking differential but I haven’t had to use it . in low range i pulled my pick up out of the ditch with it once in a snowstorm. it has a lot of power. we have a great trail system here so we like to ride out to a local restaurant over looking a local lake on the weekends. why the wife wanted it. we also ride with friends.


My brother’s use them for planting food plots/ice fishing/deer hunting… My neighbors use them for snow plowing (4 of my neighbors have atvs…and i live in town…)

Snowstorm is trending south and east… Good hit for Madison and maybe Milwaukee (they need it)… areas along the lake could get a good amount… Shouldn’t see much here …

43F yesterday…should do a few better today.


I woke up to the sound of a garden hose against my window, but it was rain mixed with tiny bits of hail. The trees still look like they have buds on them, but I still have to go out and check.


Joints aching and cracking today. We’re going to get snow. Hard to tell how much, though.


45f and sunny. let my chics out to sun/ sand bathe. got some play sand from the hardware store. they haven’t had a good bath since last fall. they’re all sprawled out in the sun on straw right now.


Storm track really shifted this morning…now its a Chicago snow storm… Madison might get very little… I’ll take it!