How is your weather?


Broke 50 degrees today…going to town pruning apple trees.

Thursday looks like a mess…8-12 inches as of right now.


hit 47 here. was walking in the yard in a t shirt. :wink:


Next heatwave looks stronger…although you are going to go from this to a shot of cold and then right back up…



Say it isn’t so…hit 47 here in Kentucky and I was chilling in the misty rain with 6 layers of clothing on!


lol! but you can work in the yard comfortably up to 90f. I’m under ac once it cracks 72!


True enough, if the humidity isn’t higher than the air temperature, I can handle 90.


47 and sunny without wind feels really nice after a long winter. 47, misty, and breezy…not so pleasant


36F… some hazy sunshine… strong north winds so doubt temps go anywhere.

No cold now in the forecast… just some teens… extended looks “mild”…couple chilly days and should be back above 40F from Sun and into next week. More and more grass is showing again…so snow pack is on its way out if this continues.


Hit 50 again today…beautiful late Feb. weather. Another day in the 40s tomorrow before the big snow/rain/wind storm on Thursday.


Wow! 66 degrees for Saturday. We are warming up here way too early this year. Some buds are swelling. Not a good sign at the moment.


Soaking cold rain & wind storm moving through…it will be over by dinner time. We lucked out & avoided a heavy snowfall.


2 degrees here this morning


sunshine :sun_with_face::sun_with_face::sun_with_face: today!!!


wow…19f here…

No 60Fs here this weekend but should sneak into the 40Fs…Sunday for sure…


One 40 degree high in the ten day forecast here. Some mid 30s though. I tried to do some work in the woods yesterday. My snowshoe trails make walking easy, but once I was off the trails I broke through snow up to my knee. Spring is a long ways off here


Broke 80° here yesterday. I’m glad I fertilized everything over the weekend.


I wouldn’t be surprised if Omaha is into the 70Fs in the next 2 weeks… looks very warm around the 10th of March…


These are our weekly high/low the last 9 weeks.
My place is even colder at night. No wonder we bloom early and freeze out often.

It’s actually a better than average winter. A couple yrs ago our winter average weekly high/low for Dec thru Febr, 13 weeks, was 75/20. One week it was 85 high 10 low.


Same here.