How is your weather?


56 degrees and raining.
Haven’t had significant rain since early January so it is welcome


It has been a welcomed reprieve for us here in NorCal, hasn’t it?


Yes! I was rushing to get my last few trees in this morning before the rains came. Decent amount too


Low 60Fs here but with the hurricane force winds…not that great out there. It is getting rid of all the remaining snow piles so that is nice.

Rain moves up here tomorrow…maybe 1/4 inch… then cooler …


Hit 50 today, felt amazing. Wore shorts for the first time in quite awhile. One day reprieve though. Back to the 30s tomorrow.


Looks like March in central MN


Here’s March in N Florida…


I won’t lie. Your March weather looks a heck of a lot better than my March weather


We hit 65F here…really wasn’t warm though until about 3pm when teh winds went down some.

That is probably it for 60F+ for a week or 2… although lots of 40Fs/50Fs… so shouldn’t be all too bad…avg right now are still in the 30Fs for here (for highs).


Watching the news out of the cities this morning and the ground was free of snow on all the traffic cam shots. I assume snow there (LaCrosse area) is gone? Still anywhere from 0-16" on the ground here, depending on exposure/location.


I’m in the north metro and we still have snow on all 10 of our Highschool tennis courts


I’d say we are snowfree… just a few remaining piles that are shaded and even those got zapped hard this weekend…i have some ice in front of the house in the shade but even the water that had been pooling up from it melting drained finally (soil must have unthawed enough).

Almost no wind here this afternoon…a huge change from the past few days. Temp went from 56F at 5am to currently 37F… so cold front has slid thru.


72 F this afternoon in central MA. Amazing.


portland , me 67f today. frenchville ,me 23f. talk about a wide spread of temps in a med sized state.


It’s been awesome here in SE AZ. We keep getting rain from these odd systems coming up from the S.


You must be pretty far north in the Metro? My wife was in the cities over the weekend and said the snow was gone. Even St. Cloud was getting pretty bare she said.


I think along the roads/highways it goes a lot quicker, partly because of salt and partly because of dirt on the snow that absorbs the suns heat. My yard is still 80% snow covered. I’m in southern Anoka County only 15 minutes from downtown Minneapolis.


Wayne, I was just down in your neck of the woods last week camping on Lake Patagonia near Nogales. Thoroughly enjoyed my time 5 days there, absolutely beautiful part of the world!


Right on. Did you notice the locals wearing jackets and complaining about the cold? :rofl:


Good show on PBS last night about a group that took wood boats down the Colorado River from Lee’s Ferry… I need to go there. The one group just about sunk their boat numerous times.