How is your weather?


All buds are swelling at the moment and nothing open yet. It shout be ok.

My Flavor bombs super sweet vine cherry tomatoes are in great shape.


The couple just north of Anchorage that have the Youtube channel had just about 2 feet of snow from their last storm…and a lot more on the ground. They had bee hives that didn’t make it …she said they were alive in Jan but died soon after//not sure why…i guess bee hives do survive up there but they haven’t figured out the secret yet.

Precip staying south of this area…just clouds and low 40Fs today.


I have 3 or 4 apple trees with leaves an inch long…mostly red fleshed apples. Others just bud swell.
And a few, such as Wolf River, not even bud swell. But, I think we will stay above 30 at least this weekend and following week here in KY. (Now, it may freeze in April, who knows, or snow for the KY Derby in May like it did in 1991.)

My honeyberries in containers did NOT freeze or appear to be much damaged (just a little discolored) with the 14 or 15 degree night a couple weeks back…and they were leafed out. I have a couple plants at another location that may bloom, but these one gallon ones probably not this year.


honey bees don’t survive here without protection as well. they probably suffocated if the snow buried them completely.


Canadian provinces of Manitoba and Alberta produce more honey than US states just a few hundred miles south of them…so it’s a fact somebody manages to get bees through a 6 month long winter north of the 49th parallel.


The folks who put bees on my place in central MN truck their bees to California for the winter. Usually around late October/early November they pick up the hives. California almond growers pay them to bring the bees there. Usually sometime around Memorial Day the bees show back up here.


they don’t get the deep snow , like we get here. when the snow covers the hive they suffocate. the few people that over winter them here put them in a unheated shed in the winter.


You must have great eyesight.


I’ve been watching the boys and girls (robin, I mean) playing hide and seek for several days, at least one pair “got married” and were working on a nest.


A welcomed cold wet week ahead, after almost our driest rainless streak on record.


Interesting… looking at the amount of snow on the ground that is probably what happened to them. I’ve never raised bees but know people who do. I think the best honey i’ve had is the Aldis stuff that comes from Brazil.

A screen grab from the video…purple things are the hives…


That all heads this way later next week… going to be a wet one i think.


Here after only 2.79" of rain (during our rainy season) it’s very welcomed.


yep. they were buried. they normally don’t get as big a snowfall as this so probably caught them off guard.


It’s about 45 and we have getting some kind of ice type precipitation, I think it’s called grapple. Now it seems like it’s turned into a cold steady, rain. We got over an inch of rain Thu, and this looks like this will set in for a few hours. And the ground was just starting to firm up a bit, too. Guess I’ll be helping doing house chores today.


Flurries here, not sticking.

Crocus and anemones in bloom


The other risk factors in cold areas are insufficient food stores (which can be mitigated to some degree by feeding thru the winter), and quick drops in temps which can catch the bees off guard and they may not have time to reform a cluster to stay warm or have to reform it away from their food stores.

One can get some idea what happened when you open the hive. Is there stored honey and pollen? Are a lot of bees dead head first in a cell (a sign of starving). Things like this can give the beekeeper an idea of what went on.


Yeah i don’t know…i’m surprised they can raise bees in that climate. I don’t think they starved but maybe temps played a roll along with all that snow. Probably need some sort of protection in the winter.

It was snowing in Tokyo, Japan today…nothing sticking… pretty rare for there this time of year.


Down to 20F this morning… Rain looks to move in mid week thru the end of the week… temps look March like… nothing hot…no 2012 heatwave… but not really seeing any snow or real cold…although next weekend will probably see some teens maybe overnight.


Looks pretty wintry around here