How is your weather?


Quite a contrast


A little dusting of snow yesterday, drizzling today with a high hopefully mid-40s.


Send that north.

Crap day…stuck in the low 40Fs with thick low clouds. Sun should be back tomorrow.


Rain rain rain rain rain… Had some rain yesterday but today its a washout…temps should drop too… sun back for the weekend.

Looking ahead…late March to early April…the cold stays in the Pacific Northwest/Canada/Alaska…a good place for it :slight_smile:

Heatwave across the south/Florida bakes… Northeast stays mild… Not too bad.


Got a nice spring blizzard going here. So far about 1’ of snow on the ground and it is supposed to keep coming for another 12 hours or so.

Glad I haven’t put the shovels away yet…


Warmer here today but pretty breezy, Friday/Saturday are highs of 30ish with lows in the teens, looks like after this Sunday, spring will be a permanent fixture of 45+ everyday with nights between 20-30.

Luckily with this cold weekend and no consistent temps to date nothing is even bud swelling here. Dodged a bullet…


Nights in the 60’s…at least this night. Blooms and leaves coming like mushrooms and dandelions! Overnight.


10 degrees when I got up a bit ago


No more frost/freeze warnings. :grinning: Weather has been updated. Temps from 60s to mid 70s but very windy.


Yesterday’s high reached 72! Not that you could really tell, winds blew all day outa the south, about 25 mph. Winds switched and blew outa the north 22+, low was 27 overnight. Still blowing. High today of 37, winds dying down to the teens by late afternoon. Apricot buds are showing pink and peaches are swollen bud stage. Still have close to 4 more weeks to go until we are past our usual last freeze…


Rare is there not a April frost or freeze here in KY. But, I used to plant things like lettuce and tomatoes in late March some years. Have given up on that…too much trouble to cover and uncover.

Compared to Kansas, we have it better here I presume. But, we’ll be fortunate if things don’t get a hit by cold weather in April. And if that happens…since things are so far along…it will be bad. Still…if it only gets into upper 20’s in April…some trees will have a crop.

I saw Sunshine Blue blueberries blooming Wednesday here. Ayers pear blooming yesterday.
And my Redfield apple is going to bloom for the first time (about time…that M111 root was in no hurry)….showing a little pink in the blossoms.


It can be frustrating watching the weather. Tonight’s low is supposed to be 22.
Hope you guys stay in the upper 20s or higher! Partial crops are better than nothing! Last year the apricots cropped a total of ONE fruit. Just one. But, it was better than zero! With apricots, I don’t expect much (but I always hope).


Well, we got 26-28" of fairly heavy snow out of this storm. It’s still foggy and cold, with another smaller round of snow coming in later today and again tomorrow. Ahh, springtime in the Rockies.


Cloudy today, after more rain this morning, it got to 70. Grass is really greening up, even seeing some leaves coming in on some of the non fruit trees.

Ground is so sopping wet, like walking on a sponge.


Lettuce is pretty hardy, it can take it.


omg… so what does that make for the year so far? When that stuff goes it will go quick.

Hoovie’s Garage (Youtube) is in Witchita, KS and i noticed the grass was all green in his video he had out today.

Cold here… feels like winter today. Snow all melted already…that was quick.


Don’t know the year/season total, just I didn’t track it. It was fairly cold, cloudy and snowy early (like Nov-Dec) then fairly warm but still cloudier than usual, and recently we had been getting a bunch of little storms, like 4" or so of snow, twice a week. Then this one. Overall the mountains are above average for snowfall like around 110% or so state wide last I heard. But totals can vary quite a bit from spot to spot. If the ski resorts weren’t all closed for the virus, this would be some great skiing.

I am just grateful that this storm happened before the fruit trees leafed out. If it had been otherwise, would have been a lot of broken branches.


There’s one tree in Manhattan that bore a crop every year I was aware of it. Dropped apricots all over the sidewalk. The few I managed to taste were pretty good. I was always out of town when the ripening peaked. SE corner of 10th and Pierre. Someone should get some sticks off of it this winter (hint, hint).


Great tip @jcguarneri ! You even recalled the address… that’s a good memory! I will definitely try to cut some scion.
I might actually know that place… I will have to check a city map.


OK, I do know that house! They have a ton of different fruits growing all over, pretty wild looking. There is a pear tree just east of that house that drops bushels of pears all over the street and sidewalk every year. I have actually stopped at the house with the intention of introducing myself and asking them about their figs. They have figs that come back every year and have been loaded with fruit when I have seen them, so I am very curious to know which cultivar it is. No one was home, so I never got to ask. I am usually only up there in the late summer/early fall, and so have never noticed the apricot tree (too focused on the figs I guess :yum:)!