How is your weather?


Yeah, the houses on both sides of 10th have some interesting stuff going on! There are actually at least two apricot trees. The great big one on the East side is the one I already described. There’s a smaller one on the West side that I never saw fruit on, but it’s there in the latest Google Street View. Looks like bigger fruit, but the reliability of the other tree is a big plus. I would probably try to ask the homeowner’s permission to be polite, but since the tree is between the sidewalk and the street, it’s in the right-of-way and therefore on public property…


8 degrees. That’s enough of that


Yeah…temp really dropped…20F here with no snow cover… Should slowly warm now into the 50Fs but early next week…lots of sun. 60Fs probably by the end of the month around here…


10 day forecast shows a couple days right around 50. That will sure feel nice. It will be great to get rid of the snow and let my driveway dry out a bit. A muddy mess every afternoon. No way to get up the hill without 4wd


I’m pretty sure it didn’t even get down to the forecasted 34 here. (Revised up from 31 2 days ago, and from 28 5 days ago…you know how forecasts go.)


20 degrees here last night. Will be curious to see if those apricots produce fruit again this year.
I do want to meet the residents that live in both of those places. They don’t appear to use a lot of the fruits, based on the numbers that are all over the sidewalk and spill out into the street. Perhaps they are not the original owners that planted all of that stuff… or maybe they just get overwhelmed with it all and can’t keep up.
The figs hang over onto the sidewalk, but are planted on the homeowner’s side of the sidewalk… but still, I have THOUGHT about snipping a few sticks. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Yeah, I remember watching those figs one year, and I never saw them ripen. I’m guessing the owners or the squirrels were getting them as they ripened. Or maybe I stopped looking too early!

They definitely don’t use much of those fruits, if any. I’d love to hear the story. The apricots were usually ripe the first or second week of July.




that supposed to hit us by the middle of next week. yay!


Some evenings in the 30s last week, but now moving up. We seem to be entering the endless rain of spring. Tough to try and find any dry weather to do outside chores. We are looking close to needing our first grass mowing. Wow, I thought I was fairly prepared, but early spring has really be sneaking up on me.


I’ll take it. Still no window for dormant oil spraying, but in another couple weeks there should be.


Rain on and off the rest of the week/weekend around here…mild though. Next week shows more spring type weather… I left my plants outside last night… gardenia/tea/fig… should be little to no frost until Mon morning…


finally seeing some dirt in the driveway. in the low 40’s. the maple camps are in full production.


75 next 3 days…and I already have 3 apple trees with blooms.


Its been nice here sunny with 10-12c=50s in the day and -2 to -4C= mid to high 20s at night, a bit behind this year but still on track, stone fruit buds have swelled but still quite a ways off, dye for a warmup and rain and then hopefully some sun for good pollination


Have had good weather for 3 days for outside work. Today is the last before the rain starts, and I hope to finish setting out plants in the veg garden.

ETA: which did.


Hopefully the rain will be good rains. We are in need right now. Allergy season has been really bad with no rain…


What did you plant out? I have plants outside now but nothing in the ground…though i guess i should get moving on lettuce/broccoli.


heh - lettuce and broccoli - and cabbage

Onions and potatoes too


58F and some sun… i had to clean out my shed so never got to planting… i’ll do it in the rain tomorrow.