How is your weather?


I planted a tropical plant in the ground yesterday…but its a very sheltered/warm south facing spot.

Took a 10 mile bike ride…lungs were on fire. First ride this year. I think i need an electric bike.

Should see low 70Fs for the next 3 before the cool down next week…with lots of rain chances.


Sorry NE but the cold just doesn’t want to let up mid month…at least compared to seasonal norms. Heat stays out west.

Next weekend gfs drops some chilly/coldish air into the midwest… probably some 30Fs back in the cards…hopefully we can stay away from frost.

Globally it looks like some fall chill for S Australia…chilly in N Europe… a heatwave for SE Asia (hot in Thailand) and Siberia looks to have a nice spring warm up…


ours is the 1st week in june.


Is this an early indication of a “La Nina” pattern at the Equator in the Pacific Ocean?


They show enso neutral right now and that should continue into the fall. The surface waters are warm but subsurface temps are below normal… What this all means i don’t know.

Already mid 60Fs here…should close in on 80F today…that would be a first.


Just looking ahead…yikes…for may 11… looks like what is remaining of the polar vortex (is it still called that this time of the year…who knows)…wants to aim its cold cannon at the northeast…brr… looks like my plants will be making more moves in and out. We get brushed with that chill as it moves east of here. Desert southwest bakes…100F in Phoenix… They’ll be rushing the beaches in S Cali.

-8C this time of year…that could be frost in areas.


Wonder how frost effects the curculios. No fruit for them to infest.


Afraid I’m likely to find out at the end of the week.


How accurate you think this map will be?

I just moved my potted figs and fruit trees out of my garage and uncovered my in-ground fig!!!


Euro is usually the most reliable–but can always be changes especially a week out. Are you in a cold spot? Probably a good idea to watch that forecast as we get closer. Couple of things going for us is time of year…days are very long…ground temps should be warmer…

Couple of airports…definite shot at some low/mid 30Fs…



This year produced the record breaking April in MA. This April had not a single day of temp that reached 65 F. There were only 7 out of 30 days that temp was above average of those days. The rest was below average. Lot of rain as well.


Friday overnight will be the killer


Both Friday and Saturday forecasts proved to be lies.

Cannot depend on any of them.


They’re saying 32 now


74F right now but the hurricane winds aren’t so fun. This should be it for the warmth for awhile. Probably mid month before the 70Fs/80Fs are back…that is when i’ll plant the tropical stuff/warm weather stuff.

Lots of curculios here. I have breeding program that is strong :slight_smile:

I worry about next Sunday/Monday morning… The 850 temps for Friday look way too warm for any frost/freeze. Maybe in Sparta or some cold drainage spot. Keep an eye on late weekend…that is when the colder air slips thru… May 11th though…that is pretty late even for here for a frost.

Apples are in full bloom as are the sweet cherries. Have seen a ton of bumble bees this year. I had a group of them working the plums/pluots…

Some pluot blooms…with some peaches/etc in the back. May have plenty of peaches to feed the squirrels this summer :slight_smile:


Only plums and honeyberries blooming so far, but I’m also seeing more bumblebee’s than usual for this time of the year. . . nice to see.


Mother Nature is something. You are two zones colder than me, your apples are already in full bloom. Mine just started and won’t go full bloom until, maybe, 5-7 days from now.

It says it could go as low as 34F by Fri. Won’t harm fruit but could not get nice stretch of good weather to graft peaches.


Wow. Wild plums here are just starting to think about blooming. Apples are likely at least 2 weeks away from full bloom, and from the looks of the forecast it may be more like 3.


I’m surprised - my apples are just getting to pink, and I’m a zone warmer than you. Everything else is in full bloom, but the apples are slower than ever.


You are right…i have no idea what I was thinking. My pears are just getting ready to bloom and my I think it’s a sweet 16 or mac has opened a few flowers and a graft on my other tree which I believe is HC but not sure (I have a labeling problem) is blooming.

Is HC an early bloomer?

There are a lot of apple flowers this year on all trees. Could be a huge apple crop in Wi if this is any indication.

Mid 60Fs today… Cooler week. NAEFS still wants to keep ridge in west and trough in east thru mid month…no heatwave any time soon east of the Dakotas…