How is your weather?


One thing I noticed and maybe you see that up there…is everything here seems to overlap in blooms. Plums, pluots, sweet cherries, nectarines, apricots and peaches all are blooming at the same time or within a few days.


It always bothers me when the cots are getting to shuck split while the cherry next to them is still in full bloom. I don’t want to spray then. Wish I’d planned better for such things.


Calling for 33 Friday and Sat night here, I sure hope they’ll be accurate this time. A couple times last month they called for 33 and it was in the high 20s.

I’ve got a strawberry patch full of blooms, even a few small berries, and my Prelude raspberry is about to bloom, so I can’t afford another freakin’ freeze.

I can’t stand this schizo weather. It was 80 yesterday and sunny, then it came a downpour for about an hour and probably dumped another inch of rain we didn’t need. A couple of my newly planted strawbs were in some puddles, but are okay now.


Nobody that I know within 3 hours grows anything but apples and pears. Wild American plums abound in the area. Peaches, sweet cherries, nectarines, and apricots wouldn’t stand a chance here, unless grown in pots. Nobody out in the country grows trees in pots :grinning:


The majority are in the ground now. I have very few potted fruit trees (less then 5)…last spring killed off about 75% of what i had and i’m not replacing. I’m pretty much done with that. I do grow tropicals in pots but that stuff all comes inside. Container trees work but the amount of effort is not worth it at this point.

These are in ground trees… the background blooms are wild plums (on same tree).


In my garden apples bloom in this order

  1. Zestar

3 Golden Delicious and Honeycrisp


Bob, if it’s going to be borderline try running a sprinkler over as much as possible, might make all the difference!


Well GFS is colder now for Sat morning and warmer for Monday morning…both offer chances of frost/freeze. Yuck. Probably cover what i can and the fruit trees can deal with it. Hopefully it sticks between 28-32F… Hope for wind and clouds.

Of course after mid month it’ll probably jump into the 80Fs or 90Fs…


Thanks, but I don’t have a sprinkler big enough to cover the whole patch. I have covered them with tarps for previous freezes, and it did okay, but I don’t have enough to cover them all. Guess I’ll lose some more. They’ve revised the forecast at 32/34 Fri/Sat nights.


This is way too late in the spring to be dealing with this. Strawberries are touchy too…i know i’ve had them get hit in previous years. I have some that are open already so i’ll have to blanket them.


We need a weather pattern change!


This covers the 11th-18th… the dark blues hint strongly at record cold.

Probably have their thongs on in Alaska.


sucks for us but we are used to this kind if cold in may. seen accumulating snow quite a few times this time of year in my life.


Well, we’ve had freezes here in May twice, in 2016 and 17. That’s why we do most of our garden planting and plant outs around Memorial Day.

I have two big plastic tarps, one medium sized one and a table cloth that I drape over them. I have three runs of strawbs, so I can’t cover them all. It covers about 60-70% of my Earliglow and Jewel, but not the newer Flavorfest.

It seemed to work fairly well when it got down to 27 in the patch, but not when it dropped to 24. I’m not feeling good about this weekend, it’s supposed to rain Friday, then freeze that night. This is crazy.


I’m kind of excited because a couple of my Reliance peach trees had late blooms that survived. We also had a lot of blooms on our apple trees this year That’s the good news. The bad news is that they are predicting a 30 degree night this week. I am going to try to cover/water everything that I can, which I should have done weeks ago when we lost almost all of our peaches, nectarines, and early strawberry blooms.


Now the forecast in Central KY has been lowered to 29 F for Friday night!
I mentioned snow in 1991 at Kentucky Derby…this will be a week later…although I don’t know about snow, the frost may look like snow that night.

(Or, they may revise the forecast before the weekend! Happens about ever day anyhow.)


27F here last night.


I’ve got a heap of ancient quilts and blanket and sheets that a sensible person would have thrown away. Quilts are heavy enough they shouldn’t blow away in a reasonable breeze.


Same here. My mother in law gave me a bunch of old blankets years ago and i just leave them in boxes in the garage for this stuff. It does look like multiple nights will have to be watched. I’m covering Fri/Sat mornings…and again Mon/Tues mornings… wind might be a big issue…but i think i can at least keep some stuff protected. Also going to spray all the blooming trees with liquid kelp a few times this week.

44F and east wind…


Revised the Fri night low to 31, hope it keeps moving up. But, I’m prepared to cover them, I have way too many blooms and actually some small berries to protect.

BTW, we had very heavy rains this morning. Worried about my new strawbs getting drowned if this keeps up. Plus, with below normal temps and clouds, the soil will take a long time to dry out.