How is your weather?


Farming should be more fun and less worrying…….so cheer up and enjoy the rain, it could be snow!


luckily here everything is still dormant because of the cool wet weather thats moved in the last 4 days. while the rain is needed i wish the snow squalls blowing though would stop. rhubarb is up a couple of inches but even 20f won’t phase it. currants buds are showing a little green but they are just as tough as the rhubarb.


I took a look at them today, and although they’re a bit muddy, I guess they’re okay. I’m making sure the roots don’t get exposed. Looks like they might be trying to start some kind of leaf growth.

Hope I didn’t get them in the ground too late. They had been in the frig for a month before I planted them. I was out there Sunday in shorts and a t-shirt planting them, and today I was in sweatpants, sweatshirt and Carhart hat.

Went out to the backyard patch and did some more weeding in the mist and cold, after feeding the cats.


I once got in 1,000 strawberry plants, and put them all in the ground by hand 50 to 100 per day after working a full shift at the factory, which I was doing at that point in life…so it took me most of the month of May to plant them. And I ‘stored’ them in a plastic bag in the shade of trees, and soaked them a few minutes before planting them.

I don’t know how many plants I lost out of 1,000…not more than 25 probably.

Even snipping half the roots off won’t hurt them. Short term flooding, or short term drought they tolerate too.

Planting them too high…good you are keeping an eye to exposed roots…they don’t like that.


Flooding can wash the dirt off the crowns and expose the roots - that they don’t like


As of right now we have lows of 32-34-34-32 for 4 consecutive nights starting Sat. night. No buds open yet so we’ll see. Got down to a surprise 32 last night as well…light frost in shaded areas. Average temps for this date are 60/43.


I measured 26.1 and 25.7 on 2 of my sensors. Forecast was for 30, but we usually are 3-4 degrees below the forecast. Saturday the forecast is for 36 as a high for the day, and 26 as the low.


The weather channel is calling for 27 now for Friday night for Somerset, KY. weather Underground is calling for 28 for Berea KY for Friday night.

Some local flooding yesterday, and still a misting drizzle. The Appalachians will get SNOw
early Saturday morning!!!


I’m hoping we escape this one …NWS has 31F for the low which will occur Sat morning. The core of the coldest air appears to move thru Friday afternoon and then quickly exits… A slight warm up for the Sat/Sun…should hopefully rebound close to 60F …rain moves in for Sunday afternoon/night… GFS shows over a half inch… Second chunk of cold air moves in Monday afternoon… Tues morning temps will be near freezing again.


Odd if it turns out to be colder in KY than up here in N IL or WI


We’ve had less than an inch of rain in the last 3 weeks or so, and there’s none in the 10 day forecast. Hope this isn’t the beginning of a drought.


Odd, but not unheard of. 27 Somerset, 28 Berea is the latest for here………
at one point in 1985 I think it was, Cincinnati OH was the coldest spot in the 50 states…at 35 below zero.

If it would stay cloudy all night Friday, then it wouldn’t get that cold, but if the rain (possible snow) clears out before temps drop to freezing, then it will get COLD.

I’d bet on snow for Gatlinburg, TN at the top of the mountain on Saturday morning…even if not in KY. And certainly Mt. Mitchell in NC!


got 6’’ of snow coming sun! not unheard of but pretty late even for us. glad nothing is leafed out as yet. just got done fertilizing everything.


Yeah, if it can stay cloudy before daybreak we might have a chance, but with it raining into the night, it’ll be tough to get the tarps down. Still calling for 28 here; 27 on Portsmouth, OH across the river; 26 in Paris, KY. There’s even a frost watch for us tonight, with 36 forecast.

It might be a good thing with rain falling first on things, then it freezing on the fruit might give it a bit of insulation?


Wow…have you had snow in June>? I once got caught in a late June snowstorm in Wyoming but that was in the big horn mountains.

18z gfs looks colder but the cold air is in and out so fast…the coldest air aloft is in place around noon Friday and already moving out late Fri/Sat… that should keep temps around freezing … Rain amts look far less on Sun and the second cold shot doesn’t look too bad…

Touched 69F this afternoon…lots of clouds mid day but has cleared out this evening.


I’ve got a few apples, but most as big as small blueberries turned mushy, and fell off.
Maybe 2 dozen betwween 8 trees. And…Friday night might get them too.

Only the BlueBerries are loaded…best crop ever. So far as I can tell all varieties tolerated temps in 20’s without any loss of blossoms, even ones in full bloom.

Repeat…pawpaw, mulberry, jujube blackened, apples already set froze and fell, honeyberries and blueberries unscathed.

(Oh, and serviceberries made it…yum if can beat the birds to them)


I just came here to complain about the predicted freeze Friday night. I’ve planted 18 tomatoes, 18 peppers, 40 watermelons (all plants) and my 18 hills of squash have already come uip. That is too say nothing about all my fruit. This is INSANE!!! I can’t remember when we’ve had a frost this late. They are only predicting 31 for me and as you say, with clouds and a little luck I’ll make it…but I’m never lucky when it comes to weather. My garden is spaced out way too much to try to cover things, so all I can do is cross my fingers. Hope you make it over in your area!

btw…even if I survive the frost I think this cold snap has already hurt my garden. I had planted several seeds about 1.5 week ago, with all this cold weather (and in turn cold dirt) most of my seeds haven’t come up. Add to that all the rain we’ve had and I bet my seeds have rotted. Oh well, if this were easy everyone would do it!


Yes, my neighbor has a TRUCKLOAD of gravels at the bottom of his driveway…from yesterday morning cloudburst…so that too. At least I don’t have tomatoes out yet. Been too busy.

Hope yours make it…somebody’s are going to get froze, just depends on exactly when the cloudcover departs following rain Friday and into the evening.


Planting tomatoes or peppers here before Memorial Day weekend is just asking for heartbreak. This area has frosts in June, but they aren’t common.


I have once or twice over the years gotten tomatoes through planted prior to April 1st. Generally April 15 here. But, in no way has this past winter been “usual”.
Started with snow for Halloween…and now possible snow second weekend in May!