How is your weather?


In Vancouver, WA we had unusual March and April, not much rain. We usually have hard rain for days and weeks.

Now in early May we have had a few days of rain, off and on.

Due to unusual weather, my multigrafted plums all bloomed too early and no bees pollinated them. So just leaves this year. Cherries are doing much better, they bloomed weeks later and have many fruits growing already.

Although HUD had sent a letter to us to remove all gardens and that they had a plan to create for us a garden area, Covid put them on hold. My state representative I contacted told me let her know if they say anything more. But for now, a short time anyways, I keep my garden. So with the 70-80s highs and 50s lows I planted tomatoes, lots of them. I don’t want to invest in more topsoil/compost or organic slow release fertilizers right now for that reason.


We’ve got picture perfect weather…low humidity and mild temps couldn’t ask for anything more…


I had planned to put in my first row of beans for the year, but now I’m waiting til the soil warms up again


I have one planted in the ground…rest are still in pots.

Looking at the models. Not really thinking a hard freeze around here… maybe some frost. Probably just cover the strawberries.

mid/upper 60Fs just north of Anchorage the next week… I’m starting to think gardening up there might be better then here…


Next winter we’ll get some real cold down their to thin out some more of those iguanas.

Really hasn’t been bad here…should see mid 60Fs today again… nice weather. Not quite thong temps.


Freeze warnings out for most the state…


Just got all my beans sprouting, half of my tomatoes planted, and the hot peppers in small pots in time for this crazy freeze.



The difference is we get 27 or 28 on Friday night…you get it for most of a week. :confused:


Bad news for sure.


That type of weather isn’t that unusual for this area. I have a couple pears and maybe two apples that are showing a bit of bud color. The rest are at silver tip - 1/2" green.


Forecast has been revised up to 30 from 28. If the clouds and winds can stick around a bit longer we might have a chance.


Huh. Both the NAM and the GFS are warmer here in Iowa now than they had been a few runs ago. Looks like the cold is more centered your way.

Local stations are still calling for the same temps though. Hedging their bets? We will see.

I’m still covering my plum which isn’t very big but loaded with blooms, and my grapes.

My Goldrush is also loaded and while I’m loath to let it freeze flowers off it could probably use a year of not fruiting and just getting established since I moved it last year.


Crazy to hear about these freezes (hopefully everyone’s plants make it through!).
Forecast high of 97 tomorrow where I am near Sacramento (9b). Worried about my plants for the opposite reason - unusually high heat and consistent 15-18mph winds have been drying everything out. At least we are forecast for a quick cool down (68 on Tues!) and possible rain Mon/Tues which is rather late for this region.
Weird times


I think locally we’ll be ok outside of the cold areas of central Wisconsin and areas north. The coldest air moves across this afternoon…and it is cold…-11C at 850mb… if that was in place overnight with clear skies/calm wind we’d be looking at mid 20Fs probably… but that air quickly moves out this evening and warms overnight so while temps don’t go anywhere today (38F right now)… we shouldn’t drop off too bad overnight. Tomorrow should rebound quickly to 60F ish… Monday morning might be more of an issue here for a good frost setup… still cold air in place.

The heat is on in the extended… back right into the 80Fs… once we get out of this after next week.


Went out to cover strawberries and it started snowing. Low of 27 forecast.


I’ve really been poring over the various forecast models. The key seems to be how warm it will be at midnight, and when the rain and clouds clears out. Most models have anywhere from 28 to 32 at daybreak. Good thing is that it won’t be below freezing all night, prob only 3 or so hours, even tho that could still do a lot of damage. It’s looking like central KY could get it worse than us, like down around 26-28 degrees.

Of course, our actual temps have been 3-6 degrees below forecast temps, so I’m hoping these forecast temps will be more accurate.

But, after this, we’ll have mid 30s for tomorrow and Mon nights to deal with too.

It started light showering about 10am, now the rain’s getting heavier, temp has been holding around 53 for a few hours. Just a dreary nasty day outside.


The air here is bone dry. This is like a January air mass. Dewpoint in single digits…like the desert.

Nice current temp map from Nws…you can move it around the country/zoom in…click on the obs to get more info/etc…like google maps.,-91.0&basemap=OpenStreetMap&boundaries=true,false,false&obs=true&obs_type=weather&elements=temp,wind,gust&obs_popup=false&obs_density=1


NWS Minneapolis had some funny tweets… Chance of snow this weekend…1st time since 1946 on Mother’s Day.


No flooding this year. Not much rain in the forecast.


Yeah, it’s one thing to deal with these freezes, but the rain is maddening. It has been pouring here in the last hour or so, and we’re in for more rain for at least another 4-6 hours.

I can look out the window to see the big garden plot down the hill I plowed about two weeks ago is a quagmire. I can also see the plot I planted my new strawberries is almost totally flooded.

It’s rains like this in early spring that keep us from planting anything before Memorial Day, because we can’t work the ground when it’s mud. Getting the tractor out when it’s so damp guarantees big, ugly ruts in the ground.

These constant rains we get are probably the reason a lot of my fruit trees get root rot. I lost one apple tree over the winter because of this, and another bigger tree is on it’s way out. Last year it hardly leafed out at all, and this year it bloomed, but again, there’s hardly any leaves on it now, compared to the other apple trees.


The GOES loop shows the cold dry Canadian polar vortex air making its way towards you. There isn’t a cloud in the sky here but it’s bitter cold out there. My plants need jackets on.

3rd week of May shows a return of summer…