How is your weather?


Good luck tonight…but it’s the sun was shining here just before sunset…so cloud cover is missing.

45 and falling here.

Still not sure of how low it will go…but about all I have left is blueberries. And they’ll be fine.


A buddy north of Madison, WI texted me at 5 a.m. from his turkey blind. 28 degrees there. We had some cloud cover here, so it only got down to around 32.


We got down to 23.5F and today’s forecast has been revised to a high of 33 and down to 24 tonight. Looks like we won’t be past freezing nights until Thursday.


Sparta, WI was 17F and Black River Falls just north was 14F… Probably some ice on Lake Wazee this morning. BRF is already 47F. I bet on the ridge tops it stayed much warmer.

29F here for the low. Looks like we warm back above 60F… get some rain…and then another shot of frost Mon and Tues…


Two freezing nights in a row, with 28 or 29 for tonight. I’m in 6b between Lexington and Staunton VA The bad part is my trees are too big to cover now. The good part is I’ve already lost all my pears, peaches, and plums, and I have very few apples to worry about. I’m trying to stay positive, focus on my grafts and tree wellness. I am SO disappointed because it looked like a great year for pears, Asian and European, as well as peach trees with a good fruit set.

Hoping to hear some positive comments to keep me going. I retired in early April with high hopes for focusing on my fruit, and its just not turning out the way I had hoped.


Try some blueberries or honeyberries…they’re fairly frost proof.

But, most years you get apples–about once a decade they seem to fail almost completely.


Have a few blueberry bushes. Will try and get out and take a look at them. Thanks @BlueBerry


Positive comments:
You live in the greatest country ever!
You’re better looking and smarter than you’re neighbors!
You’re dog likes you!
Next year will be better!


as much as i love tree fruit I’m equally thankful for my bush and cane fruits. no mater what mother nature throws at us they always produce fruit with little to no care. more labor intensive to pick but also are the most healthy and nutrient dense of all fruit. berries and nuts are the basis of my orchard with tree fruits 2nd. a lot less money invested in berries and nuts also because 1 plant can produce dozens in a year.


Gooseberries are good… Any small fruits do well…black raspberries, strawberries (can be covered easily), raspberries… you can also grow various melons.

Clouds moving thru…impressive looking storm on sat… Alberta clipper…May edition!




Should be well into the 70Fs by Thurs…thru that next week…looks nice and mild/warm… i’m going to plant my ginger in the ground finally.

This is a seedling apple with some other things grafted to it (summer apples/hc/etc)… Full of blossoms this year.


Garsh! Nothing doing that far along along the Lake Michigan shoreline. Most advanced is tight cluster. Wolf River hasn’t budded out, yet. I hope it’s OK. I’m going to cut down Golden Russet on B9, which died suddenly last summer. I don’t see any rootstock suckers.

Temp got down to a low of 31.1°F last night.


Thanks @Chikn, it made me smile! And especially, yes, my dogs think I’m a better woman than I ever could be :dog2:


Thanks @moose71, I do have blackberries, a few raspberries, and blueberries, also one gooseberry bush. I tried to steer from a monoculture orchard, but at the same time, I’ve left fruit as the only option in my head, when there is so much more to be thankful for.

Thank all of you for reminding me how we are blessed in so many ways, esp now.


I was optimistic but we’ve been issued a freeze warning. While I was covering my strawberries and potatoes we got a snow squall. It’s sticking for a bit and slowly melting. I have to let the blueberries fend for themselves. This is unbelievable.


Best of luck @Joe. I think I got numb to covering and uncovering so many times. I had blooms in February, so yes it has been a long time since this roller-coaster ride started


another 3in. of snow coming tom. night. don’t think i remember ever having this much snow in mid may. or remember my early plants leafing out so late.


Did you say snow???


yep. and only my currants are budding out. even honey berries are still dormant though the buds are swelling and greening.