How is your weather?


I harvested some green onions and my Turnips yesterday…LOL And on my second planting of radishes


It may sound crazy, but I’m happier with temps below freezing than I would be with temps in the 90s right now.


All i need is 5 to 10 acres around Homestead…

35F this morning here…no frost. Clouds stuck around late and then we had wind all night…tonite will be the final challenge…but my thinking is we stay above freezing all night…or a tad above.

After today get those thongs out because Florida heat is coming north. Next week should easily jump into the mid 80Fs…might be talking about AC.

Record heat into areas that just saw record cold?


talk about screwing up growth cycles!


i agree! at 75f and up I’m under the A/C!


Well we shouldn’t be worrying about cold anymore until next fall …or so i hope. I haven’t had the furnace on in weeks (it did dip down to 68F in here overnight) but as long as the sun shines it warms up quickly in the day.

The Reliance grape is waking up. I haven’t had fruit off my grape in years. A couple of those nasty winters/springs kept knocking the vines back so they’d have to come back up from about ground level.

The black raspberries are just starting to show their flower clusters…


Really? Mine won’t bloom for a month or more. Wild plums haven’t even bloomed here yet. I saw the first few serviceberries blooming last weekend.


my serviceberry is still sleeping. probably because it was under the snow up until about 12days ago.


Ha…they are half grown here! Serviceberries that is.


I covered my grapes again tonight. Calm, clear and cold. Right now there is big-time radiation cooling going on, but the dew point is much higher tonight than Friday night.


Frost warning further west of us


Yum yum…

Sorry, Couldn’t help myself…


Yeah i just got home and it was still 49F out on the interstate. I think if something does happen it will be very short lived. The dewpoint is about +8F over the other night…so hopefully 33F-35F… for a low. Still a little wind too.


Record cold morning here…30F … from 1967. Wind was dead calm all night. I’m sure a few more things will have been hit. Luckily not everything is blooming yet. I’ll be very interested in how the stonefruit has been hit by this cold. I think the apples have enough closed blooms to be ok.

Fairbanks, AK has had 2 days now (in the last 3) 80F or above…omg.


neither of mine have even leafed out yet.


they can have it!


They have one thing going for them up there and that is 24 hours of light… i think that probably keeps the temps from dropping off a whole lot at this time of the year. Their summer nights are much cooler then around here so warm season crops are about impossible without a high tunnel. I did some digging in the past and noticed lots of 40Fs/50Fs in the Eagle River, AK area during summer. Actually great for lettuce/berries/etc…not so great for tomatoes/peppers/melons.

Taking a look at May of 1967 for La Crosse …does look similar to this May…temps did rebound into the 90Fs after the cold…although i don’t like that 33F on May 22…



Yup. None of the wild black or red raspberries have leafed out here either. Neither have any of my domestics. I imagine they’ll grow exponentially once(if) we get some rain and normal temps.


a few days in the 60’s and some warm rain will really make them take off.


got to a balmy 28f today with a 10f windchill. felt like winter!