How is your weather?


Raspberries half full size blackened here…
All early apples gone…late ones thin and scarce.
Not many cherries.
Only blueberries totally unhurt.


Sorry to hear that. One thing about living this far north is that we usually avoid spring frost damage to fruit. I checked on a couple pears that are just past tight cluster today. I didn’t see any damage, but I suppose it may still show up. Most of my apples are still at half inch green, a few at silver tip. No more frost in the 10 day forecast, at least for now.


We almost never get rain in May here in SoCal. So when the forecasters said there would be a slight chance of rain, I pretty much ignored them. My wife and I stepped out tonight for a walk and were met with a few sprinkles. We shrugged it off and headed down the hill. About two streets down the hill, the heavens opened and what turned out to be a very brief, but heavy enough rain shower came down. We were soaked pretty much instantly and the dogs were not happy.

Then I remembered the two bags of concrete mix I bought last week and left outside, because you know, it never rains in May in San Diego. So a hurried jog (which was really a walk - I’m out of shape) up the hill to toss a box over the two bags. Hopefully they didn’t get too wet.


It started snowing last night around 8pm and we had a low of 25F. Tonight may be the last frost for us, but NOAA and AcuRite have a 20 degree difference in forecast for Thurs night. After that I hope our night temps will be above freezing. Start planting out apple and pear grafts Friday.


Only 40F overnight and already back into the mid 60Fs…feels much warmer this morning. Should jump into the 70Fs tomorrow. Very good shot of some good rain Sat/Sun… We probably could use it. Part of my lawn that usually browns out in the summer is already browning… Should make a run at 80F mon and tues if not low 80Fs… Get this stuff cranking.

Second half of May looks mild/warm. At 7 day it’s getting a little omega block type look to things…trough along the west coast/trough along the east coast…that means ridging (and heat) for us in the middle. That trough to the east seems to hang around for awhile…still a deep trough there on day 10.


I’m out planting peaches today…it’s brutal 20 mph winds…feels about 15 degrees colder than the 53 it says.


Supposed to get a couple inches of rain overnite and tomorrow, tho the radar doesn’t show it yet.

Already pretty warm


So much crazy weather this year! We had a little snow yesterday but as far as I can see nothing was damaged.

The endless fog and rain (third week!) is much worse for the bloom than a little snow. Pears and cherry had ideal pollination weather. Apples…not so much, but we’ll see!


Turned the heat off for hopefully the last time this year. I don’t think I’ve ever had the heat on this late into the spring.


I haven’t had mine on this month. I get this thing where i refuse to run it again…it was down to 66F in here the other day…but jumped back up to 73F yesterday…so all is good.

Should stick 70F or better the next 7 days… going to finish putting everything in the ground today. Probably mid 80s next week. Naefs keeps near record warmth right thru late May.

It actually has a “summerish” feel to it this morning outside…wet from the rain, but very mild. Mid 50Fs overnight…


10-4 on ‘summer’.

Had cold drizzle yesterday…but 80 today…and guess what…an afternoon ‘pop=up’ thunderstorm.


A bit floody here, another storm crawling up the river now.


We could use some rain here. They keep predicting it, but nothing much materializes.


The light is finally at the end of the tunnel! Finished planting 56 peach trees yesterday just in time for a 1/2 inch of rain tonight. 60s this weekend then summer kicks in around Tues/Wed with multiple days in the 70s with sunshine. I can hardly contain my excitement!


you guys have been pounded by rain this spring. every storm seems to just pass south of us. we get some but not like you have.


I’ll set up a pipeline from here

We got a gullywasher last nite. The neighbor’s pond has returned, after being drained 5 years ago.


We got very little rain… I think this weekend should change that…gfs shows about 1/2 inch… still looks VERY warm in the extended.


That is a lot of peach trees. I potted up some rosemary and my back was hurting after that :slight_smile: All the same variety or a mix?

Some fog this morning…haven’t seen much of that… should be a A+ day…73F with light north winds and sun.


Praying that the rain next week comes. We’ve not only been unusually dry but believe it or not those humidity’s are quite low for us. Fire warnings are out and my place is in the woods. Fortunately it’s not around a bunch of trees and has a decent fire break nearby…Rain, Please rain…


A ways above average temps. too…