How is your weather?


I was thinking about you and your place when I saw a story (last week?) about fires in Florida. How far were/are those fires from you?


The Waculla fire was 40 or so miles away. The other one was almost Alabama and a few hours away. So far nothing close by. Most of the area around here is timber or farm land and these guys usually understand the severity of burning or doing stupid stuff so hopefully we won’t have any. Can’t stop lightning but we aren’t having any rain…LOL. Thanks for the thoughts.


Contender & Red Haven. I was a bit worried that we would not get the promised rain this evening but it all came together & now they are calling for 1/2 inch.


I don’t think i’ve tried Red Haven before but have Contender but that died but it was in a rough spot… I would try it again though in a better spot.

Sunday is suppose to be crappy…mid 50Fs so im waiting planting a few things until Monday.

Today was A++ …74F…dewpoints in the low 40Fs… light winds and hardly a cloud in the sky. Took 2 bike rides and a long walk. People were out all over…river was packed full of boats. I could take months of weather like this. Also noticed that all the local apple trees…the bloom is amazing this year. The crabapples are just pure flowers… you can smell them from quite a distance.


big warm up coming. possibility of 70f come midweek. most of my plants are fertilized. now i have to get to mulching. most things are starting to bud. still have a 4ft. snowbank near my russian mulberry. the dogs favorite spot to roll around right now :wink: this is probably one of the latest I’ve had snow still on the ground. went by a brook yesterday and the fiddleheads are just coming up.


Will that be your first 70F this year? This does seem late for snow to still be on the ground. Isn’t mud a season in Maine? Long ago i use to follow a blogger that made his own house from concrete in Maine…and i remember something like that.

Ground is dry here…almost too dry. Up to 76F this afternoon…rain is still holding west and north. GFS shows almost 1.5 inches of precip…that would be the most rain in quite some time.


Tropical Depression #One Advisory 1: Tropical Depression Forms Off the Coast of East-Central Florida. Tropical Storm Watch Issued For a Portion of the North Carolina Coast.


yes it will be our 1st 70 of the season. plants are 2 weeks behind here. yes the mud season runs from mid apr. to mid late may depending on how wet it is. our deep frosts really heave up the ground in the winter making whole dirt roads turn into a mud pit once it melts until it drives out. seen pickups driving a long on a seemingly good dirt road and suddenly up to the doors from a frost pocket. high lifts are standard if going off road this time of year.


I posted a couple days ago that we had a weather event. I now see a “survey team” has determined we were hit by a 25 mile long MacroBurst with 80-100 mph winds. My home weather station measured 65 mph winds. We were fortunate that our home and out-buildings weren’t damaged, the garage has 2 courses of HardieBoard damaged from a white pine. We spent yesterday checking our woodlots and found it was worse than we expected. After that we did some cleanup around the garage, then helped clear trees for our neighbor, her husband passed unexpectedly this past winter. We have several more days of work at her place. We then began clearing trails that go through our properties. This is going to take all summer to clean up. I guess we bought the sawmill at the right time, we’ll need to get that set up. I have a lot of photos, but here’s just a couple to show what we’re dealing with. We lost some beautiful old trees. White Pine was by far the hardest hit tree.


More rain


Wow! Brutal.


Our mud season about 4 hours South of moose71 runs earlier and was much shorter this year than in years past. I attribute that to the warmer winter temps and frost coming out of the ground earlier. That being said…April & May have been much cooler than normal…mostly the daytime temps as we avoided the below average nighttime temps (thankfully) this year.


Wow… yeah straight line winds are nothing to mess with. There was knockdown of trees in NE Wisconsin one year that you could see from space. I think they let loggers in there to get what they could but i’m sure it was a mess moving around. Good that you have a mill…those look like a lot of fun (given you have access to trees). Do you have a tractor or some way to move around trees?

Rain day today … Dry slot right now but should see more later this morning/afternoon… Less then half inch so far. Temps down to 52F… probably not getting out of the 50Fs…


0.7" here (Sheboygan) already. They say there’s a lot more to come. The motorcycle was ready to go before the Supreme Court of Wisconsin invalidated “Safer at Home,” but I guess I’m practicing social distancing, today, anyway.


Is it a Harley with the foot pegs and ape hangers? sidecar? :motorcycle:

I’ve never been into motorcycles but i do have way too many bicycles (mostly mtn bikes). We’ve got a few trails around here in the bluffs that can be fun to ride (riding uphill sucks).

Rain is done here for now…dry slot looks to stick around for the afternoon…although maybe some drizzle. I’ll be mowing in a few days for sure after this.

I’m not sure how warm it has been over on that side of the state but man the past few days have been gorgeous here. Last night we took another long walk… I can see why people live out in California /Arizona/etc…this is the weather they get in winter.


Praying this is an accurate forecast. We need rain really bad. I watered every day this past week just in case. The plants look good right now…Rain is just so much better IMO…


Yes, and last fall we picked up a set of forks for it. With the quick attach it’s so easy to switch out between the bucket and forks. I never realized how handy those forks are!


Been raining here all day, we have had an inch or so less rain than normal this month so it’s welcome.

Might even have to mow the lawn soon… something I always try to avoid until I can’t anymore and I’ve shared dandelion seeds with the neighborhood…


It’s an ancient and venerable Honda Goldwing. This photo is 13 years ago. I took other vacations up to five years ago, but, since my employer has taken to compensating me for unused vacation, I’ve relinquished the time rather than spent it.



Those bikes are bullet proof. My oldest brother had an Interceptor (new) back in the 80s and i knocked it over (i was a kid)…oops.

Will be interesting to see if we get stuck under clouds all day tomorrow :frowning: Looking possible. Probably clear out just as the sun goes down.

Next weekend shows warm on GFS…would be 80F or better both days.