How is your weather?


Flooding all over the place


That has been one nasty system hanging out in the middle of the country!


We got less than a tenth on Saturday. I’d guess we’ve had less than half of the normal precip since mid-late February.


Wow… had about 3/4 inch here.

There is a small band of rain heading west down i90 right now that should be in here shortly.

Today high of 56F …low 52F… . be nice to get some breaks in the clouds…we’ll have to see.


Yesterday we had a season high of 86, very warm, I actually worked up a sweat. We had to turn the AC back on this weekend.

Low end estimates for rain here from now until Wed is 2.5 inches, while high end forecast is 3.5 inches.

Great, right when it was just dry enough to disk and till the garden plots, and mow the lawn we will get a deluge.

Between the freezes and the almost incessant rains, it’s driving me crazy. Or more crazy, anyways.


GFS model of rain accumulations up until Thu morning. Looks like we’re on the hook for 3-4 inches by Thu afternoon. Awesome.

The tropical storm is influencing this system, instead of it sweeping thru quickly, it’s being blocked on the way out.

Been doing a lot of mowing today, because it may be over a week before it’s dry enough to mow again. All this water on the ground will do wonders for my newly forming strawberry crop. Not.


Under a tornado watch until 9pm. Thankfully I just got done ride mowing and push mowing, and am soaked from the humidity. I can see why we’re under a watch, it’s super soupy and still.


Just mud those crops in…

My tomatoes look like garbage. I need to revamp this whole seed starting operation. Some things worked fine (herbs) but man…the tomatoes have been fail after fail…i think its the soil…very heavy garbage i had bought awhile back. Going back to peat moss or something different. I think the lights are fine (LED/very bright)… Next year…its always next year!

Blueberries are blooming. Sun starting to pop out a little. Maybe get a walk in today.


Good advice…mud them in…
(when more rain is expected).

(Mudding in followed by drought is not good at all.)


Gary over at The Rustic Garden Youtube channel has a nice little tutorial on making your own seed starting mix. And here’s his tutorial on starting tomato seeds.


I was being sarcastic…

I will say last spring they were mudding corn/beans in around here because nothing would dry out and the time to seed /plant was passing quickly.


Weather models completely bombed this weeks forecast. Clouds and 60F today… This low dropping southeast just isn’t moving as fast as i think the models thought it would …today last week should have been in the 80Fs on the GFS…be lucky to see low 60Fs… Its suggested we could clear some tomorrow but clouds could return from the south for Thurs…

heat wave cancel


The recent MCS has turned around and is coming backwards

CAR galls are out again. I put on my boots and went out in the wet to spray fungicides. This aft, if it gets drier, I will spray for the curcs on everything but the slow Gala apple, still in bloom.


Monsoon hits Sheboygan: 4.64" SUN, 1.04" MON, 0.24" this morning (TUE).


5 gallon bucket nearly half full in a week here…only rain gauge I have myself.


We measured 8" over 4 days


At least you are getting sun up there… i’m watching the visible sat loop and you can see the clearing move from east to west across north central Wisconsin… probably be warmer in Duluth today then Chicago.

Sitting at about 60F here…its gotten “brighter”…

Denver near 90F today…think that is record for them…


Holy cow…had no idea that much rain fell. I guess we got really lucky here. You don’t need that. Probably have 10 pound heads of lettuce and 25lb heads of cauliflower :slight_smile:


heat wave coming here. supposed to hit 81f thurs.! then its supposed to stay in the lower 70’s after that. gotta get my raised beds planted. garlics up about 4in.


As of 5pm we have just under 2.5 inches so far. The heavy stuff seems to have moved east, but we’re still in store for more overnight before it moves out completely. M-Day ought to be nice, though.