How is your weather?




Doesn’t the sameness of the weather get boring? You need a severe t storm, an Alberta clipper, a surprise 4" cloud burst, something, anything, different. But endless warmth and bright sunshine day after day…boring.


Last week.



still hanging in the low 60’s during the day. should be upper 40’s by now but I’m not complaining. saving on heating and still able to comfortably work in the yard.


Had clouds all day Sat…rain all sat night (over an inch)…it was mild though Sat…70Fs…

It was weird Sunday…the cloud/cloud free line sat just west of the Mississippi River all day…you could see clear blue skies most of the afternoon to the west. Finally as the sun set it became sunny for maybe an hour. Went hiking with 2 sons…very nice fall smell to the air in the forest…damp, mushroomy…very quiet.

cellphone pics

Looking west towards Minnesota bluffs…can see the blue skies teasing

Tree color past peak

I’m noticing my fig is yellowing too. I need to bring stuff in soon.


Mid 40Fs///clouds and 30 to 40mph winds …perfect day for biking.

GFS looks like late fall weather…40Fs… snowflakes maybe Friday night and then again Monday nite.


Low 50s and partly cloudy here today, with a brisk breeze. Kinda cold, even. We got a good rain yesterday of about 1 1/4". Leaves are really starting to change here, although a lot have fallen already.

They’re calling for a lite freeze this weekend, but hoping it’ll hold off until some of my peppers will finish ripening. We’re past the average freeze day by about a week, so we’re on borrowed time anyway.


I see a golf course down in those valleys.
I have weather nation on now, they’re calling for quite a bit of snow in Minnesota over the next few days.





You got vistas!


Your temps give me a headache! Lol


we’re coming into a really nice stretch of weather…woke up the morning and it actually felt pretty cool out…



Well, I resisted as long as I could, but when it gets to 59° in the house it’s time to turn on the heat. Add to the fact that it’s going to be cloudy all day and not even get to 50°, I don’t really have a choice. But, I only set it to 62, so it shouldn’t be on too long.

This may be the latest we’ve ever turned it on. We went maybe 10 days since the AC was last on.

They’re calling for 33 tonight, so hope my pepper plants will make it alright. Guess I need to pick what’s left, just in case.


I always try to wait til December

When it’s really yknow Winter


I picked all of my basil leaves two days ago, still a few out there, but you never know when a quick frost will pop up! Time for one last batch of pesto. :blush:


Frost warning. Pulled the green beans, the last tomato plant and the broccoli. Have a few cabbages left under a row cover to keep the damrabbits off


It’s cooling down here, currently sunny .low 50’s F. Scary to hear it’s already snowed in a few cities in Western Canada. No frost in the forecast.


I thought that was the way to spell those animals’ name!:grin: Taking a break from picking peppers, frost and snow Fri. pm.


Low 90’s all this week. Looks like late next week the big cool down (AND RAIN!!!) arrive.


Snowflakes falling right now. First ones i’ve seen this season. 37F. Looks like accumulation to the west is possible the next 24hrs…a few inches.