How is your weather?


We’ve been dry for a few days now…and forecast is not showing a lick of rain until at least next Friday 5/29. Mini heat wave incoming with 85-90 on Friday. Things will dry out quick with that type of heat.


i already have been watering the new plants i put in this spring. normally i don’t have to as our springs are usually very wet. not this year. most rain has passed to the south. watered tonight.


I have lawn and clover plots going dormant in May. I haven’t mowed lawn yet, and I may not need to for quite awhile if this keeps up. My wife and I strung about 350’ of hose and watered a corner of our wildflower plot where most of our Russel Lupines are growing. At least we may get some of them to bloom. Also watered the veggie garden. It is late July dry here.


Mid 60Fs today…had a little sunshine so that was nice. Clouded up later in the day again. Hopefully tomorrow is the beginning of a warmup. NWS says 80Fs starting friday thru early next week…


They Say it’s going to be even worse with this system around the Ohio Valley


I’m jealous…For some reason I’ve had a tough time growing blackberries…need to try again…


Been dry down here and warm…you can tell summer is almost here…we’ve had rain in the forecast but nothing since the end of April…calling for some today but looking out my window all I see are blue skies…


We’d happily take some of that rain they’re getting up around Chicago…


Me too. I had 6 other Ouchitas that all died. 6 Triple Crown all died… These guys have been healthy producers from the start. Weird. I’ve had good luck with Starkbros so I have some Stark BlAck Gem coming I’m going to try. My family love blackberry…


I tried Ouchitas and Apache, both were busts…don’t think it was the soil, blackberries should grow just about anywhere. Heck I’ve even seen them on the side of the road not far from my house. Maybe I’ll give the starkbros a shot.


same here as well and no appreciable rain in sight.


maybe try growing them in some afternoon shade? I’ve always thought blackberries were the weed of the south like raspberries are here.


The rex block is in place…high pressure to the north across Michigan/lakes and low pressure to the south over TN/Ky. Wisconsin has cleared but MN has some work to do. Northeast is looking fantastic today… we’ll see if we can ding an 80F here…looks wet this weekend.

Maine doesn’t show any rain in the next 6 days on the GFS…


No you’re right they should grow just about anywhere…thought I had a good place with nice afternoon shade, got a couple of blueberry bushes nearby that are doing really well…that spot didn’t work out…all the stores are sold out of them, when they get back in stock, I’ll try planting in a few different places…maybe I’ll get lucky.


they have all kinds of z6 hardy blackberries in stock here at TSC that are barely hanging on. i could save some for you and send them to you. never could understand why they send stuff like that that just dies and gets thrown out. we’re in z3b- 4a! they also have probably 60 trees that are all dying. all z5 rated. nice big ones too. most are dead fro frost last week.


that’s sad…you’d think they’d pay more attention and send the ones with the proper hardiness…


Do Triple Crown grow up where you are? They grow here but fruiting is another issue. I ripped mine out years ago. Black raspberries and summer raspberries work fine…although SWD has made a mess of growing berries around here. As in i hope you like eating squirmy larvae.


The wild blackberries are invasive here. I don’t know if it’s true but I’ve left some wilds because it’s believed they help the specific cultivars. The wilds Are definitely invasive at my place


is the fruit on them decent?


Meh…small and inconsistent


no. the only bred blackberries I’ve got to grow and fruit here are baby cakes dwarf blackberries which have good sized tasty berries with no thorns. have nelsons from fedco i put in last year that should fruit this summer… there is a wild one i found a few years ago but the fruit is about the size of a big wild raspberry. they are prolific and tasty and nearly thornless though so i put in 6 plants to see if fruit size improves under cultivation. swd hasn’t shown itself yet but I’ve been preparing by planting early fruiting varieties.