How is your weather?


Dew point up to 65F this afternoon… feeling very summery out there. Sun now and should make a run quickly into the low 80Fs.

Storms later…Storm chances thru late week and a dry late week/weekend in store for next week.

Almost going to need the AC on today. The nights are getting awfully warm sleeping.


This is way off. We are under an excessive heat warning here in California until at least Thursday Not below normal lol

In fact, here is the headline from a local weather blog " Intense, prolonged, and likely record-breaking May heat wave this week"


Yep, summer it is.


Looks like the local forecast has failed…no rain! First time on two weeks.
And next 10 days have rain in forecast.

Last year it was late May and all of June…hot steamy rainy…looks like a repeat.


We’ve got a summer pattern going up here. AC is cranked…hit 80F in the living room and i said… nope…can’t sleep with that…turning it back in meat locker.

Looking at the GFS… Sat morning would have us back into the 40Fs…looks like a very nice dry…“cooler” spell (at least for sleeping)…so AC can go off…but the extended is a torcher… GFS shows 90Fs early June…850 temps soar. Great…lettuce is toast. Growing a lot of melons this year…maybe they’ll work out.


Tornado reported by radar right now north of Des Moines. It can stay there!


Mostly sun today with a few clouds…85F and humid…could have been a July day. Looks like rain moves in here pretty soon…storm coming in right up the Mississippi River. Heaviest rains look to be holding more over N Central Iowa…

GFS shows a cool shot heading into next weekend. Sat and Sun might not get out of the 60Fs… something to watch.


Talking about rain…Miami has had almost 8 inches of rain in the last 48hrs…they are having some flooding issues. More in the forecast.


You turn on the AC at 80 degrees? I’m too cheap to do that. Plus, AC makes my knees ache big time.


80F inside the house…i try to keep it about 73-75F all summer inside. Basement is always cooler. Our house bakes in the summer…south exposure and not a lot of shade. I’ll probably run it until late week and open windows back up.


Tomorrow will hit 90F, this week is like mid-summer. First half of this month we had 5 days with snow and 3 days under 27F low. Lost most of my pears, peaches, plums and all apricots.


Had a rain soaked Memorial Day, but it was sorely needed…Only a 1/2 inch, but it’s a good start and should get things greening back up again after the scorching hot previous couple of weeks. It’s actually raining right now…


Looks like we’re in for a wet week…I’ll take it…


Update at 12:30 PM…ET

3:45 PM ET…close to 3 inches in less than 12 hours.



I can’t remember the last time it rained here in Central Maine…maybe 2 weeks ago? Looks like a few mid-summer like days coming up and possible t-storms on Saturday…we need some rain!!! Another cooling trend starting Sunday…down to about 40ish at night early next week but at least no frost!


Plant shade trees!


been 3 weeks here! having to water everything every other day because stuff is just leafing out . some hasn’t even yet. i don’t ever remember having to water in may. chance of showers weds-fri. night with highest chance fri. then dry and back in the mid 60’s sat- sun. drove though the farmland this morning. fields look like Arizona sand its so dry.


i have a few on the west side that have started shading for late afternoon sun. I probably will do a metal roof and possibly solar panels on the south facing when i redo the roof (shingles are pushing 20 years and have had some hail on them a few times).

Over an inch of rain last night. Lots of lightning. Hot and humid again this morning…looking at 85F today.

The late week cool off is going to feel nice…should be perfect camping weather. Enjoy the cool weather because it doesn’t last long…


Great - the only veg crop I have growing at all well is the lettuce - and that will put an end to it.


Are you sure you really like lettuce?


Got 1.6" of rain yesterday and today. It was very much needed. May have saved a bunch of my trees. We’re still way behind on rainfall for the spring, but at least it was something.


Yeah that cool season stuff is very difficult up here…its either snowing or 90F. Today feels like July. Front should clear thru on Friday so then cooler/drier. Strawberries and black raspberries are full of blooms. Should be a good strawberry year but might go quick with this heat.

Threat of rain all day around the city but only a few drops. I had 90F in the car…so that is a first for the year.

Just looking at the GFS…the 850 temps are actually a few degrees C warmer then those in place right now…so if conditions are right…expect temps even warmer then now mid/late next week.