How is your weather?


we missed the record by 1 degree. 87f , 88f was the record. muggy as hell . fri- sat am best chance of guaranteed rainfall.


Yeah, umm, not a day I want to relive anytime soon.
All the garden is crying mercy.


Look at Miami… they’ve had over 14 inches of rain in the last few days… without any hurricane…

Just today over 7 inches… They’ll need boats to get around.


We hit 89.2 F yesterday, and today should match that. Trying to get the veggie gardens planted and the soil is really dry. Never had the A/C in the window in May before.


We’re seeing some sun today so it’s starting to dry out…But yeah, they’ve been inundated for sure and no where for the water to go…a buddy of mine who lives down there posted some pictures of the streets in downtown Miami, they were completely flooded…looks like a river…


Miami is going under. All Florida is. Place is flat as a pancake and only 1 inch above a rising sea level


Flooding like that in Florida or anywhere in the Deep South freaks me out…all I can see is gators, snakes and god knows what else swimming around in those waters.:dizzy_face:


Golden Noble hit full bloom yesterday, and little black bumble bees have been at work on it. Wolf River is only at first pink. The micro climate along the Lake Michigan shore makes sure the trees planted here don’t get too far ahead. Eat your heart out, @moose71. You’re about the only one behind me.


85 and humid today, has been near 90 the last three days, with no real rain. Things are finally drying out some. Maybe we can get our gardens planted out within a week.

Mosquitoes and ticks seem to be plentiful this year.


with this hot, humid weather i can almost see the growth right now. my adirondack gold apricot is full of blooms and bees. almost all my cherries have swelling flowers ready to pop. currants and gooseberries are covered in flowers and growing like crazy the last couple of days. hard to believe last week i still had a snow drift near the garage. gotta love n Maine. once its starts, things grows quickly. got some thunder rumbling in the west. cmon rain!


Yeah it is a tropical jungle down there. I’m always interested in their weather because its so different then the rest of the US. Would i live down there? Maybe if i had a few acres to grow all my favorite tropical fruits…but i’m sure the nonstop heat/humidity would get old after a few years. AC bills are probably a good chunk of change…since they must run more or less year round. Hawaii would be my first pick :pineapple:

85F and humid again… rain all around us. Last 2 nights we’ve had storms move thru late in the evening…maybe again tonite…who knows. Sat and Sun morning should drop back into the 40Fs… good sleeping weather.

The growth on the plants has been amazing. Even my i thought dead fig is back to life.


My nect on Citation is getting yellow leaves from standing in water.


had a few thunderstorms go through this afternoon knocking the temps into the low 70’s so it feels a little better. probably got a half inch of much needed rain. everything is so green and lush. be mowing very soon. picked a few rhubarb for a snack. first fresh produce in the spring. nice fat healthy stalks. the chic compost is doing its thing.


More rain coming up here…

I had some nectarines (not sure the variety yet because i have grafts all over the place) that made it thru winter… I’m surprised.

Strawberries are growing so fast. I have a lot of blooms still. Big strawberry year but i worry about that heat down the road.


you get a lot of moldy berries? here if its wet and hot i lose alot to mold. mara des bois are the worst ones. i may have to replace them with something more mold resistant.


With all this rain and wet, I sure do worry about mold.


Jealous of that rain! I saw the some of the tall cloud tops of those storms way North of here this afternoon.


Yes…that can happen. I hope we lose this rainy pattery for a few weeks but who knows.

The 8-14 looks possibly wet up here…


presque ilse and houlton got nailed by some big ones. lots of washouts in the newly planted fields due to it being so dry, the water didn’t get absorbed right away. had some damaging winds also.we got about 3/4 of a in. according to frenchville weather station. mostly in thunderstorms. what a difference in the plants this morning.


Going to enjoy this 3 day (sunny 70F/lows in the 40Fs)…weekend up here because the extended forecast looks more like Miami then Wisconsin. June may end up record warm if the GFS is right…unless we get some sort of pattern flip mid month. The GFS has a week of LOWS in the mid 70Fs second week of June…lol. This is going to be nuts…