How is your weather?


4 squirrels were running around my front yard today…this can’t be good. They were frolicking for sure. Probably trying to figure out how long those plums and peaches are going to take to almost be ripe so they can rip them off the tree and then take one bite and leave them lay for the ants… :rat:

Dewpoint is dropping…Minneapolis is 76F/40F and i’m at 73F/58F…that drier air should be slowly oozing southeast… AC turned off for the weekend. Lawn mowers will be going all across the midwest… I’m doing mine today and it is a jungle.

NAEFS this afternoon…basically record heat over all of WI/IL/IN most of MN and Iowa… Its going to be a blazer…


hit 92f today. 0 wind. went out to collect eggs and fill the pool for the poor ducks/ geese. chiics are all spread out panting. at least i was smart enough to build their coop/ run under my big black willow. lets the sun thru in winter . shades in summer. i more day of this and 59f hi for sun. should get some more rain in the next 2 days as that cold front moves thru.


We’re supposed to be in the 30’s Sunday and Monday night. I planted out my tomatoes, but I guess I’ll have to hold off on the peppers.


I would cover them those nights. I’m going to move in a few tropical plants into the garage this weekend …should stay nice and warm in there. I want them to keep growing.

Winds are blowing hard in MSP out of the NW…dews in the 30Fs… looking forward to that here in a few hours.


send it over! this heat/ humidity bites!


This crazy weather…a slice of Arctic air dropping down briefly Sunday - Tuesday. Predicted low of 39 Monday night. I wonder if any meteorologists have tried to explain our whacky weather…especially these wild swings due to a very unpredictable Jet Stream?


Usually cold fronts lack punch by the time summer rolls in (usually just a wind shift/humidity drop) but this one still has some kick to it. Feels like fall out there this morning.

Day 10 has the mega heat ridge over the middle of the country. While the Pacific NW/Alaska stay cool.

GFS hints at a drop in 850s mid June so that should break down…still going to be a very warm stretch. My lettuce.broccoli…might as well be ripped out. I think i’ll try for fall.

The Nws did have this graphic yesterday…so it could be worse.


Actually, fruit trees here have just begun to leaf out. I can see a few flower buds in the cluster but will likely be a week or more before they open. Perhaps not an entirely a fair comparison as I am not in Maine but in CO at 8300’. :wink:


It’s been coming on and off all day. Thank goodness, We were getting desperate,


It’s been missing us all day here… keeping my fingers crossed.


more like northern maine. same here. my apricot and currants are just flowering. the rest is just leafing out. rhubarb is about 16in. tall. we just had 4 days of 85-90f weather that kickstarted everything here. back in mid 60’s next week. mowed the lawn for the first time.


Dropped to 52F…perfect sleeping weather with some windows open. Shooting for 71F today and tonite should really drop with 43F as the low… i would imagine the bog areas of central Wisconsin will be around freezing. By Tues its showing 90F so this is very short lived and should be enjoyed.

This is the day 7-10 gfs and euro…both showing that heat ridge over the upper midwest… I would imagine this will break down/shift east down the road.

I found the first ripe strawberry yesterday. Should be a few more coming. Not sure the variety but it was very good.


starting to cool here also. dew points dropping to the upper 30’s by this afternoon. thank God! the last 4 days have been like august weather. humidity hit 73% and 92f thurs.!


Upper 60Fs…and dews in the low 40Fs… about perfect weather today. I ate a ripe strawberry. They better ripen fast. Still a huge amount of flowers. I’m not sure how they’ll do with this heat coming. I’ll have to spray them with cold water so they dont’ cook on the vine.


I found my first ripe one today. Ate same.


just getting flowers on my alpines and ac wendy.


Down to 45F… Black River Falls had 32F. That should be about it…one more night in the upper 50Fs and rain/storms move back for early week with Tues in the low 90Fs…and humid.

Temps should relax some late week…but still hot. I think summer is here.


Wow…and I am cooking my last ones into strawberry jam as I write this…about over.


30.7F last night here at the house. The big garden sits lower than the house and often gets a couple degrees colder. Haven’t been down there yet to check my tomatoes. Everything in the garden by the house looks good.


hit 32f last night. supposed to do it again tonight. most of my stuffs still small enough if its killed i can just replant. my trees and bushes blooms won’t see damage unless it gets below 29.