How is your weather?


Yeah…this weather is all over the place…now saying 95F tomorrow here…and some tnads to go along with it. Raining here now and very windy…warm air moving in. Low of 69F tonite…time to AC it up.

Looks like the heat moderates into the rest of the week…so only one real hot day and then back to the 80s… Fri-Sun should be slightly cooler…maybe even drop back into the lower 70Fs by Sat…


It wasn’t SUPPOSED to rain!


Yeah i had no idea either. Sunny now but the wind is blowing like mad.

.07 of precip…not much.just enough to make it extra humid. Dewpoint was 44F at 5Am and is now 57F…


We have one nasty cold pocket over us right now…night 2 of low 30s on tap. Lots of people losing strawberries & garden plantings with this…in freakin June.:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


escourt station hit 25 last night. was 29f here. supposed to be the same tonight. normal up here to get frost in the 1st week of june. everything is in bloom but I’m relying on the hardiness of these plants to pull though unscathed. most are z2-3 hardy. the less hardy stuff hasn’t flowered yet thank God.


By Friday it looks pretty toasty over most of Maine. Those cold snaps we had in early May didn’t really do anything to my fruit that i’ve noticed. I wonder if these late cold snaps are better because the nights are shorter…

Nws mentions someone might hit 100F in this area… for severe weather the main threat is large hail. Oh great.


It is sure hot and humid with all the recent rains. It was 94 degrees today and for the next few days then 88 degrees. Sizzling hot!


Yeah…very warm and humid. Extended doesn’t look nearly as hot now on GFS for here…heat might sit more out west. Also GFS is blowing up a tropical storm in the gulf and running it right into Louisiana…the Euro is more west and looks more like Texas.


Fortunately, we only hit mid-low 40’s here in southern NH. Enough to delay planting out the peppers, and make the tomatoes a little unhappy, but otherwise no problems. Could definitely use some more rain, though.


yeah. we barely got anything last week other than a few showers. it helped but we need a lot more.


I have 90F in the shade already… looks like the storms hold off until later… Dewpoints should climb into the low 70Fs…

I shaded my lettuce and some other crops behind plywood…see if that does anything. I guess i should container grow them in the future.


Finally getting some rain! Not as intense as it looks, but I think we’ll get at least a half inch.


Baseball size hail and straight line winds incoming

Tornados touched down in southern MN to the West of me


well i did lose my veggies from the frost last night in the raised beds. tomatoes, cukes, beans and beets are toast but they just came up so ill just replant tomorrow, estcourt station 60 mi. n.w of me hit 22f. a new june record low for Maine going back 80 years. last week we broke a record high . what a swing in temps.


Hit 90 again today, no appreciable rain in over a week. At least the humidity has been down, so it’s tolerable. I was outside most of the day, and still have on the same shirt. Most days in the 90s equals 2 shirts…

Since we’ve had no rain in a week, the ground has really dried up. I tilled 4 garden plots the last couple days, and got beat up because the tines kept bouncing off the hard soil, almost like hardpan. I had to make min two runs on each plot to get them somewhat broken up. Prob will pay for it tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be a big planting day- beans, corn, cukes, brassicas, and taters later in the week. Yeah, it’s late, but the weather’s not been too cooperative this year. Supposed to rain some on Thu, actually could use a bit of moisture.


Looked nasty over there on the radar. No hail here that i noticed…did have golf ball just north of town and 60mph winds…didn’t see any tree damage, but some guy down the street lost some of his roof and a trampoline ended up in another person’s yard.

Nice thing is the temp dropped from 95F to 64F…although it jumped back up a few degrees.


Strong trough and a super ridge… Chicago broke a record from 1944/1895…hitting 94F… Milwaukee beat their super old record with 93F. We hit at least 95F but not sure if that is a record.

I like it warm but this is too much. I don’t know how they do it down south with weeks/months of days like this… these cold fronts have a silver lining///get rain and get a nice cool off.


can keep it there! :wink:


Looks like any real heat is gone until early next week and after that it looks much more mild. The heat retreats back out to NE/Kansas (the really hot stuff). For all i know…this could end up as the hottest day of the year… you never know.


Think we got to around 85 or 86 in my part of KY…84 on Monday…got to 59 last night with clear skies and low humidity. Time to start first watering of containerized plants…hit and miss as some are wet aplenty.