How is your weather?


I didn’t end up getting hail thankfully. Like you had though there was strong wind. I wouldn’t mind getting a bonus trampoline myself. :laughing:
I was worried about the neighbor’s tree coming down on my chicken coop but it hasn’t happened yet. Speaking of chickens it was so hot here today they spent the whole day panting. I felt bad for them. Glad the cooler weather blew in to give them (and me) some relief.


last week when it hit 90 i felt so bad for mine i went and bought them a small watermelon and some frozen peas. :wink:


Mine are picky and won’t eat watermelon!! I will have to try the frozen veg idea. :slightly_smiling_face:


Possible Derecho. Enhanced severe weather risk in Jersey.


really? mine love any melon.


Yep they are picky french girls. I just tried frozen peas, they picked them up then spit them out. :roll_eyes: I guess I’ll just let them pant!


they will do that until they start to soften some.


Can you spray them with a hose or do they not like water? Maybe they need AC in their coop? How many do you have? We have cockatiels (birds) who like going in the water when it gets warm …just give them a shallow dish and they will take a bath.

Cooler look now in the extended. heat wave cancel? I’ll take it…even ‘cool’ in mid/late June is warm… Looks like the Alaskans warm back up.

Euro continues to take tropical storm into the gulf coast (LA)… Mumbai in India is getting hit with a cyclone …first time since the 1890s… the UK just had their sunniest May on record.

STORM SURVEY UPDATE After close review of two high tension electrical towers that were partially toppled, we’ve increased maximum winds in the Jefferson County storm to 115 mph! These wind speeds are equivalent to a low-end EF2 tornado. #orwx #wawx


chickens hate water but sometimes i spray them anyway to cool them off.


Hmmm… are yours just for eggs or do you eat them? I’ve never raised them but i know people locally who have and they’ve had a lot of issues with foxes eating the birds.

88F this afternoon…not as humid…still too hot.


Gorgeous here - 79 and sunny


Looking at model…Sat Sun should both be “cool”… and then weds until following weds looks much cooler. Lows in the 40Fs looking likely a few of those nights later next week if the model holds.

As a tropical storm/hurricane hits gulf coast…looking like a good snow storm for parts of the Rockies in Montana/Wyoming. Rain for us as all this stuff combines and moves east.


just for eggs. i also have laying ducks and geese. we sell our extra. my coop is out in a open area that my 3 dogs patrol. the geese are very vocal if anything comes around day or night…


We finally got a couple of hours of rain this evening! First wet stuff in about a month…just in time for a couple of warm sunny days Thurs & Fri.


We got nothin’. I checked total accumulation from my Acurite home station for the month of May and it was 2.1", the average for May in our region is 3.8". Seeds on my veggie garden aren’t germinating, it’s too dry.


Seeds in mine wouldn’t germinate because it was too wet.


same here. the oat fields should be lush green by now but a lot of it is spindly pale green. if we don’t get rain soon the farmers might not have much of a crop to harvest.


a little more rain…nice soaker, not torrential downpoint and the temps are nice…

looks like it’s going to be soggy for us through next week…



The gulf tropical storm/hurricane might throw some moisture your way… This whole mess looks to move due north and dump a lot of rain on … Kansas Iowa and Wisconsin…