How is your weather?


Perfect weather today. Sunny, warm, light breeze, and low humidity.


92F here… dewpoints haven’t been insane…low 60Fs so not too bad.

The most outer bands of Cristobal have made it into S Wisconsin… newest model run now shows this thing coming more west so maybe right over the top of me… Interesting…as it winds up across L Superior and into Ontario…you can see some snow on the NW edges of it… lol. From the tropics to winter. … heaviest rains now look to hold more west of here too…so MN might get a nice shower.


Looking out on the sunset now and there is a circular arc of the edge clouds to our north as the storm comes up from the south. High, wispy, cirrus clouds all day from the south with a thin white line of cloud on the southern horizan. Almost kinda spooky.
Flash flood watch until Weds. in Des Moines. Highs Thur. in low 70s, today it was 94 on the deck.


Hurricane so far just gentle rain. :slightly_smiling_face:


Just warm and calm here…

Denver is 44F right now… Leadville, CO had snow overnight/as did many areas in the Rockies…almost 10 inches at 10K feet… Big difference in air masses in place across the mid section of the country…

Tornadoes are possible locally…


Thrilled to get some rain here today! The last two days really dried things out. I had a peony that had just flowered- when the heat came it looked like it was melting! It bounced back now thankfully. They say the rain originated with hurricane Cristobal down South… I sent my kids out but they said it didn’t taste salty :laughing:


Hurricanes in Minnesota - what is the world coming to?


Yeah its kinda not really different then any other storm because most of the rain that falls locally comes from the GOM or the Pacific…just that this low had its origin south of the Yucatan and made its way more or less directly north…where most of the lows come out of the Pacific northwest or drop down (clippers) out of Canada… This is not normal…but what is in 2020… next it will be a volcano or maybe an asteroid :new_moon:

Over an inch of rain… very mild…dewpoint around 70F. No lightning or anything. Just constant rain.


It’s been a heck of a year! :rofl::flushed:


984.1 mb in Iron Mountain, MI
985.0 mb in Clinton, WI
985.6 mb in Wautoma, WI


Look at the difference in air masses between Western North America and Eastern Europe & Russia! :astonished:


2 inches of rain so far…drizzling right now… Another low pressure far to the south is pulling a cold front thru now…should be clouds most of the day.

Heaviest path sat just west of this area…lot of totals between 3 and 5 inches. Area rivers will be mud for awhile.


Yeah…cool high pressure from Canada isn’t too bad this time of year…it’s when we get it in January that it can get ugly.

Looks like a beautiful stretch of weather coming up for the midwest.

AC takes a vacation for the weekend.


The hurricane finally looks to be over! About 3.5"s, a few thunderstorms overnight. We needed the first 2".


Around here, I think we got just about the right amount.


We had a brief downpour, a quick line of storms blew through, we got about 5/8" of rain. We were under a severe t-storm warning for about a half hour, the wind got pretty intense, but didn’t last too long.

I went out afterwards to inspect things, and the trees looked ok, but a few of the new blackberry canes got blown over. We planted a few tomato plants, so I had put down some straw mulch around them about an hour before, so they looked alright after.

After the storms had rolled to our NE about 25 miles, they spawned a few funnel clouds, there were a few tornado warnings but don’t know if anything touched down.

Right now, it’s clearing off, and the temp is down from 90 at 5pm to 72 now.


was windy and low 70’s today. chance of rain goes up tom. watered tonight just in case it all misses us.


We’ve had nearly 12 inches of rain in basically 4 days. We needed it bad. Now if we can get our normal afternoon rain we’ll be all good. :+1:


we have a 4in. deficit so some good steady rain would be nice. luckily our clay soil is very slow to dry out.


Believe it or not my place in Monticello is clay about 18 inches down. It’s pretty darn hard stuff too…