How is your weather?


i feel your pain Andy!


We had a 20 minute shower last week…before that it had been weeks since we had rain…this is our 2 week forecast.


Yep, that’s what I’m looking at too.


we got 3/4 of a in. that same day. but nothing for a month before or since. the humidity has been in the upper 20 to low 30’s which is extremely dry for summer. supposed to be chances of showers all next week but only 20-30%. time to do a rain dance! pretty bad when were 15 deg hotter than miami!


Pretty similar here…only Sunday to be above seasonal average in our 14 day forecast…raining right now and thunder around 4 p.m. yesterday. Rain chances up to 50 or 60 here several the 14 day forecast.


Wow…lots and lots of watering? Are you on an well? Watering does get old…i have about 40 potted plants that i’m watering daily.

We had 2 inches of rain on the 9th and its been not a drop since. It has really dried around here…Lots of chances of rain so we’ll see if we can’t get at least one good soaker in the next few days.


Blackville, New Brunswick is 103 right now! (it’s “only” 91 in Phoenix :joy:)


thats nuts! 92f right now with no wind. my poor chickens are all sprawled out panting.i feel for those folks that don’t have A/C.


Same here… 90 (feels like 100) in Qc… And it’s gonna be like that for another week, at least. Horrible. (I have to say I am 37 weeks pregnant and 40 pounds extra, so… it may affect my appreciation of the weather… lol).


i feel for you. stay cool. hopefully your man gets
you lots of watermelon. :wink:


Hahaha! I’ll make sure to tell him your recommandation :laughing:


So much for dryness…just had almost an inch of rain this morning. At least i can take a break from the watering.

Should cool next week too…overnight lows dropping back into the mid 50Fs… very nice summer temps so far this year…getting plenty of warm days, but also some cooler nights… That could change for July.

NAEFS for early July really cooks Hudson Bay///eastern Canada…N Us…


send it this way! we broke a record yesterday of 96f! another 93f. predicted today. supposed to gradually get cooler next week but still in the 80’s with only slight chance of showers.


Welcome to my world…LOL


Can you drive over to the ocean and go swimming? Just looked at the buoy at Bar Harbor… at 3 feet the ocean temp is 57F… that’ll cool you off!

or at Cutler Farris Wharf it’s 47F.

It has got to be nice for someone that lives right on the coast there…you’d imagine the sea breeze must feel great on a warm summer day.


except your used to it. i head in to the A/C when it goes over 70!


Just got done thinning a few peach trees in 94 (heat index of 97) degrees…that’s it for today. Time for an ice cream! :grinning:


thats why its in the 70’s down there and the 90’s here. when they get a southerly winds its like turning the A/C on. our lake temps as of last week were still in the upper 50’s. probably 10 deg. warmer now.


That’s the benefits of living in the ‘land of the midnight sun’

great for potatoes, cabbages, celery, lettuce……….


Drat - I rolled up the hose, now the rain is veering east of us