How is your weather?


Nice afternoon storm…went from feel like of 111 to 71 in about 45 minutes…


The atmosphere was like a wet towel and that storm squeeze out a bunch of that moisture.

Just hot and humid here. Lots of watering… should stay low 90fs and 70Fs at night now thru the weekend. Might be 10 or more days before we get some cooling. Almost always seem to get storms around the 4th so something to look for.


wound up with just under an inch and a half of rain yesterday…It always amazes me how nice it feels right after the storm moves through…had some really unusual clouds…


Is this typical Florida weather were your at? Doesn’t Miami and areas down south get a lot of afternoon storms? Plants must grow insanely fast in those conditions.

MCS moving thru Missouri and IL right now but not much happening up around these part…some clouds. Dewpoint up to 73F…juicy.


It’s pretty typical…heat builds in the day, high humidity then thunderstorms later in the afternoon…we had a couple of years where the pattern shifted for a bit, but it seems to be back now…

South Florida is on a different level, they do get the storms but they’re heat feels more tropical down there if that makes sense…


Although we have a more Gulf waters influence and you have a more Atlantic waters influence the patterns are very similar. In Monticello I am basically a few hours dead west of you.


Yeah…the temps are pretty similar on both sides of the peninsula…very toasty.

That water over in the Bahamas must be like a bathtub this time of year.


92F/69F… dewpoint was at 73F earlier… I can’t imagine not having AC. I bet people looked forward to winter pre AC…or at least to fall.

Each day we’ve had showers pop up around us but nothing really adding up. No easing of the heat for at least another 2 weeks… summer is here to stay… not much threat of rain either in the extended.

My lettuce have all bolted …lol…i’m done trying to grow that stuff. I had to add cold water to my pond…was turning into a hot tub.


finally got some good showers. rained really hard for at least 30min. more to come tonight and tom.


I saw a story on that a city in Siberia north of the Arctic circle hit 100 degrees Fahrenheit and another town 400 miles north of the Arctic circle on the Arctic ocean itself hit 93!?


The day started out nice…then we had this blow up on us…happened fast…



Lol. That’s crazy!
I get about 12"-13" per YEAR!


That little storm dropped an inch in about 30 minutes…Late June/early July have been wet for us this year…


That is some impressive rain. I’ve been seeing the clouds blow up over Florida on the sat loop. I guess any rain shortages have been addressed?

There was a cell across northern Wisconsin yesterday that produced 4 inches …due to training (just redevelopment over the same area).

90F/70F here… i want some rain just to cool it off. A cell just popped south of here but its all moving east today.


Do you get any monsoon where you are at or does that stay east of you? Always cool to see those dewpoints in Phoenix get into the 70Fs… although they don’t stay there for too long.


Unfortunately, those storms are well east of us. Some folks in parts of SoCal get in on the action. We are just a crazy dry part of the country. I’ve only got 3 viable tomatoes out of 5 plants due to the consistent 90°+ days on end.


I’ve got none. The plants look healthy but have stopped growing and the fruit is little and unripe. Never had this issue a few years ago!


It’s really painful this year. My plants also look very healthy, but are not producing anything.


I’ve got 4th of July ripening here, but we’ve topped out at 90. Week after week of 90.


Yeah this heat is pretty tiring after a few weeks. The GFS does show temps/dewpoints dropping…probably back into the mid 80s (vs mid 90fs)…and dews hopefully drop to the upper 50Fs (vs 70F)… starting Friday thru early next week. Summer cold fronts are just a wind shift a dew drop and 80Fs…