How is your weather?


An Easterly flow has really kept temps down to tolerable here in Maine for the past week or more. Looks like a couple of high 80s coming Thurs & Fri but still average to slightly below average temps after that.


That has got to be nice. Is that a normal feature in summer there (ocean wind)? The best we get here is what should happen Friday…a “cold” front should move thru drop temps maybe back into the mid 80Fs and knock dewpoints from 70F back into the mid/upper 50Fs… Calling for 95F today.

If i was a wealthy industrialist in the 1800s i would have had my summer home on Lake Superior. I’d put my #2 in charge in Chicago making thingamajigs in June and come back in mid/late Sept as the leaves were changing :wink:


its funny. summer in s. Maine is weird compared to northern or inland western Maine. southern maine is usually hotter than the rest of the state except when the breeze is out of the south. south wind brings in cold air from over the bay of fundy. when we got to 96f in june s. maine was in the mid 70’s. the further from the coast, the less of a effect it has. they also get a lot of dramatic temp swings when the wind changes. in winter it has the opposite effect except if the wind is coming from other than a southerly direction.


Being near a large body of water has a lot of benefits. Winters are usually milder and summers are usually cooler. Plus fishing. I live near the Mississippi River but it has little to no effect on local climate except early spring it does tend to stop cloud formation locally (like just in the river valley) because of cold water… on the flip side in the fall we get fog formation while the bluffs will be clear.

95F with 50% humidity on my outside weather gauge… that is a 74F dew point. Real feel is like 105F right now. It is windy too…which i guess helps some.


This is the first year in western pa that I’m not fighting fungal problems on every plant I own. There has been almost no rain in a month. The last few years I’ve considered putting umbrellas over my plants to keep them from the constant rain and now nothing.

I’ve never had to water in June and July before but now I’m out there almost every day. We have been consistently 8 degrees over average temperature wise.


I had the hoses out last week, but I put them away today


I’ve been in some sort of rain shield the past week…everything has been just north of me or just south…they had over 2 inches of rain like a mile north of where i am… i got enough to wet the pavement…having said that i think its far worse where you are.

Past 2 weeks… Michigan looks rough as does N Ohio… Iowa also needs some rain.


wow michigan is in pretty bad shape. surprising with all the water surrounding it.


I think one reason is areas that don’t need rain keep getting it… Just to my north a line of heavy rain has formed this morning. I can see the clouds to the north but nothing going on here other then thick clouds.

Just had probably the warmest night of the year. Almost had that rare 80F night but dropped a little bit…a little more cloud cover would have done it. Took a bike ride last night…that was warm.


70°F at sunrise with sprinkles here in Sheboygan. Right now, the computer room is 84°F. I had the fan on all night. I was up fooling with Zoom, preparing to fight the Szociál Distancing fight and went to bed about 4:30.:clock430: The irrometers indicate that a little irrigation is in order, but I expect a somewhat over half an inch of natural rainfall this afternoon. Then, tomorrow, I can do another cover spray.


Remember below a certain depth in L Michigan the water is a constant 39F (water is most dense at that temp)… …just have to run a long enough pipe from your computer room to that depth… a pump or 2…maybe some traffic cones where it crosses major roadways :slight_smile: “nothing to see here people…move along”…

I think the heat has melted some of my blueberry leaves…a few don’t look too happy… I watered them good. Minneapolis says the coolest air since late June is on its way out of Canada…i hope it makes it in here.


… seems doable.

Had an inch of rain overnight. 70°F this morning. “Camp is very entertaining, and they say we’ll have some fun it if stops raining.”


Front has cleared the area…sunshine and some breeze… dewpoints are back into the lower 60Fs…should see about 85F today which is around the norm.

Low temp this morning in Phoenix was 91F… It’s a dry heat they say.


But more heat plans to follow it in


Just looking at the GFS… this pattern would seem to hold…we do warm some Tues as another cold front passes thru and then the extended looks… very mild but not hot or cold…probably 80F ish… low in the lower 60Fs would be my guess… Very nice patter setting up…


upper 80’s the last 3 days. we are officially in severe drought. only 1.66in. of rain since jun.1. 5in. below normal for that time period . my inground trees are doing fine but the bushes and cane fruit have needed watering every few days. growth has been phenomenal in the watered plants. my b currants are so heavy with berries they are pulled to the ground. rhubarb leaves and stalks have measured 5ft! mulched them with green chic bedding in may and they took right off! my neighbors always comment on them when they walk by. I’ve probably given away over 50lbs from my 4 plants and it hasn’t slowed them down. most productive thing in my yard.


Hoping this tropical storm brings us some relief.


Heat advisory today… Just a little too warm… My daughter was able to partially cook a cookie in the car… that was fun…


That dew point is almost there. 88F/63F here…dew point has dropped some and a band of rain looks to be missing this area…staying southwest of here… i was hoping it would hit. We got missed this morning too with a band that moved south… I swear there are areas near here that have had 6+ inches of rain in the last week…its just so localized.


We’ve been getting anywhere from a 1/4 inch to a half inch every afternoon… Clouds looked threatening today but nothing yet…