How is your weather?


Hit 86F today but dewpoints stuck around 58F or so most of the afternoon. Perfect biking weather. Took my ebike for a long ride. So nice having electric assist. I leave it on turbo the whole time. Cheating for sure but oh man i can cover distance quick if i need to.

Grab from my GoPro…i’ve been recording most bike rides (i just need to learn how to edit). … lots of boats out on the Mississippi…lots of people…you wouldn’t know there was a global pandemic sweeping the planet :wink:


I bought an e-bike a few months ago - absolutely love it!
Feels like bionic legs lol.:bike:


It does sound great…until you crash at 40 mph.


What do you think, is it dry in Texas?




Top speed on mine is 30mph and that is if i really push it. Most of the time i’m going about 25mph in stretches where that is ok to do so…obviously in parks/around people i back way off. The motor i have limits the rpms so once your legs start spinning more then 90rpm or so it cuts off any power. This is also why i’ve had to mess with my gearing…i changed out the front ring for a more teeth to gain a little top speed because the stock one was a little slow.

Also keep in mind that they sell small scooters now that go 50mph.

75F overnite…very warm. Rain to the north but nothing here. Dew points have creeped back up. Really hasn’t been a “cool” down other then getting rid of 70F dewpoints.


Phoenix is on a 7 day streak where the night time temp hasn’t dipped below 90F…a new record if they make it to midnite tonite (they will). Late week/next week shows hints of the monsoon starting out there…always neat to see those dew points in AZ pop into the 70Fs…


I’m a long time road cyclist. Think I got this. Occasional accidents do happen. I’ve had my share of road rash. But, I also love to hike. Should I stay inside and not hike because I could twist or break an ankle? I could go on with millions of examples, but you get the point.:relaxed:


Was all set to have to turn the sprinklers on tomorrow, no rain yesterday and I wasn’t sure it would today…love that Florida weather…we went from a feel like of 116 to 79 degrees in a snap…


Hiking, now that’s my favorite form of exercise. Especially off trail. I like to do my own thing. I’ve hiked up and down some very serious terrain. I think it’s way safer than a bicycle. At least for me. I’ve never hurt myself hiking.


@fruitnut What/where were the best hikes that you did Steve? Hiking is my second favorite activity (tied with canoeing/kayaking) after fruit growing.


I hiked 50 miles up the Kings river from the upper end of Pine Flats Reservoir in CA. I lived on the river below the lake. But my best memories of my time in CA were just hiking the hills near my home. A typical hike was a thousand ft up and back down the other side. I saw all kinds of wildlife. Nearly run over by wild pigs. Jumped fox, bobcat, turkey, bear, and deer all over the place.


I’ll let you explain.


HOT HOT HOT! Going into the 100’s this week. Don’t want to see my electric bill !


I have! Took a wrong step, twisted my ankle. Long limp home


Oh Lois, sorry !


I have given up hikes and my bicycle. Joints are too vulnerable to damage. For exercise now, I swim and use the elliptical machine.


I walk .


A picture is 1000 words. Only need one, dry. But it’s all good. The green says I’ve got a well.


At my age I’m mostly walking. About 2.5 miles a day 7 days a week.