How is your weather?


I ran for years until i started having issues with my knees to the point i could not run if i tried. I then switched back to the bike. About 3 years ago i added weight lifting to the mix… and that really made a difference… my wife has been lifting for 8 years and she still runs a few times a week. No steroids or anything like that, but i do take protein supplements (whey/etc). I enjoy lifting weights and i don’t see myself as a lanklet anymore :slight_smile: (4chan lingo).

Clouds rain and 68F now… Heavy rain once again missed this area…ended up with under quarter inch…some areas to the north i saw got up to 4 inches (Augusta, wi). Should see heat index back above 100F by Sat so this is all just a nice short cool break.


Ohk. What tree are you watering?


I’m watering the big pecan tree. I’ve gotten as much as 120 lbs of nut meat off that tree in one yr. Ave half that.


Is that some kind of Texas grass?


Texans and people from arizona are famous for their brown summer lawns and lush green winter lawns… You gotta go there in december they are incredibly proud of their grass then.


Almost a fall feeling to the air today…very not July. No AC today. Should probably fog up as the temp/dew converge.


woke up to 41f this morning. a we;come break to the heat. humidity is very low for summer. no complaints here. just still need some rain badly.




I would take that about now.

Just disgusting out here tonite…like Miami but without the beaches. Took a bike ride with my wife and after about 3 miles we were done. Cold front is suppose to move thru soon so moisture must be pooling along the front. Cooler tomorrow.

I had a tree break this morning with a storm that moved thru (almost no rain)…just 50mph winds.


estcourt station n.w of me hit 37f. some people in allagash said they had frost on their cars.


No frost tonight! Probably will be our high nighttime low for the summer…around 75.


Looks like the monsoon out west is on. Rain in the forecast for Phoenix… the dewpoint in Yuma, AZ is at 75F right now…

Around here…yesterday felt a little fall’ish …temps in the mid 70Fs and lots of clouds//it was actually cool at times. Low humidity. Dropped to 58F overnight… fog this morning–very common on ‘cool’ mornings being next to the river in the valley.

Right back into the 90Fs for this weekend…heat watch out for Minneapolis.


Finally getting some much needed rain. We got about 1 3/4 inch so far over the last day or so, and more coming down now. It’ll be so nice to not to drag hoses around to water the gardens, plus we’ve got a nice break from the heat.


Got a nice downpour yesterday evening…maybe an inch…maybe. Now it’s time for some dog days of summer heat this weekend…high 80s to 90+ on Monday.


we broke the record for most 80 + degree days in a row. up to 35 and counting. got some needed rain coming sun. night. hope we get at least a inch. deficits up to -8 in. for june/ july. the st. johns a trickle. could walk to canada and never get your knees wet!


About 1.5" below norm here for July. Iowa is the dryspot the last 30 days. That can’t be good for crops down there. Some other spots along the east coast and the left side of Florida is dry (at least compared to what normally falls).

More zoomed in locally…

88F/68F with a strong south wind here…should be low 90Fs this weekend…rain very likely Sun so hopefully a half inch or more falls. I’m out of rainwater.


Yes, that is 7.58 inches…we got that in less that 3 and 1/2 hours yesterday…In my 30 years living in Florida, I’ve never seen rain like that, even during a hurricane…not much wind, just buckets of rain…

At first I thought there was something wrong with my rain gauge, then I checked a couple of other nearby stations and they were showing similar accumulation…

The creek came up higher than I’ve ever seen it…

For reference…the circled scrub oak is usually 5 feet away from the water…


With that amount of rain, almost sounds like a training type storm…just kept redeveloping over the same area.

GFS has a tropical storm/weak hurricane heading towards Florida… Aiming more towards S Florida and then the left side of the state.

Very dry around here. Crusty brown everywhere. I’ve been hand watering everything. About 2 inches below norm for the month and the rain we did have was weeks ago. Should cool off as we go into next week. Still warm/humid but high pressure should push that out.


Like Jeremy said above. And it’s actually applied pretty much statewide this year. Were in actual drought condition for Jan-April. It broke lose late April early May and we have been inundated. Seems every day we are getting a torrential downpour for at least several hours. Being in North Florida it’s not all sand like South and has caused a good deal of flooding. Seems a good Tropical Storm usually comes when we need it. Not so this time. Maybe it’ll hold together and come up your way! LOL


GFS has a tropical storm/weak hurricane heading towards Florida… Aiming more towards S Florida and then the left side of the state.

let’s keep it that way…

here we go again,