How is your weather?


Hey! I’m left side…LOL! Keep it right side…LOL…


Models have it going right up the Gulf Stream after moving thru the Bahamas… Could be some issues over there. Looks to stay offshore…maybe some big waves for east coast of Florida.

It has been 115F the last 2 days in Phoenix… my God how do people live in that! I saw Florida plates on a motorcycle i was behind the other day…long ride on a Harley (maybe they trailer it back up here).

Cool? ish around here… 63F overnight…dewpoints upper 50Fs… super dry.


my sons 90 min. west of Phoenix in Yuma. said it hit 120f. most desolate place I’ve ever visited. if it wasn’t for the river there, it would be red sand and not much else. the military bases keep the economy going there.


I remember going there in Spring in 2007. Even then, you enter your car without touching anything. Dunno how that works in summer!


That is just brutal. I know they have nice winters but im not sure i could ever deal with that summer–and it starts early too.

Just looking at the numbers…Yuma avg for July so far is 95.1f…while Phoenix is 98.6F… maybe heat island effect keeping nights warmer. Just for comparison i think mine is around 77F for the month of July. I’m surprised they can keep plants alive in that heat.


It gets so hot in summer, they run solar pool heaters at night to cool off the water!



Beginning to worry that Tropical Storm Isaias may become a hurricane off the eastern coast of Florida over the warm Gulf Stream. Remains to be seen if the Carolinas are directly impacted in 4-5 days or the storm grazes the Outer Banks.


Here’s the version with the full-tracks and minimum MSLP. Note, there are some intense (960s central pressure) scenarios on the board.




2 min

#Isaias is now forecast to become a #hurricane by tomorrow night. Eight Atlantic hurricane seasons in the satellite era (since 1966) have had >=2 hurricanes by July 31: 1966, 1968, 1996, 1997, 2003, 2005, 2008 and 2018.


I’ve had allergy symptoms now for about a week… I knew it wasn’t covid …now i read this from Green Bay… Already ragweed in the air! ugh… for comparison…i usually don’t see symptoms until August.

You got to imagine the “cold” water that comes out of a tap in Phoenix has got to warm.


Has been cloudy and rainy off and on here today, temps in the 70s. Last I checked the rain gauge, it had about 1 1/4" now, with more expected later. Looks like we’re reverting to average temps and precip for the next week. So, no more having to drag the water hoses around for a while.


5pm Thursday: Tropical Storm Watch in effect for the east coast of Florida…from Ocean Reef northward to Sebastian Inlet.

This includes all of coastal Miami-Dade and Broward Counties.

Tropical Storm Warning issued for the NW Bahamas.


if it wasn’t for the aqua ducts bringing water from the colorado river it would be nothing but a desert. if you keep your windows closed with no windshield protector the pressure from the heat could blow a window out. i remember when i was stationed in N.M that happened a few times.


You almost have to live like a spider or scorpion and only come out at night. I think they have big tarantulas out there.

The mountains in New Mexico would be nice place to spend summer.

Next week… fall like…highs in the low 70Fs and lows in the low 50Fs… Shouldn’t last forever though …heat will be back.



Folks on the Florida coast really need to watch this. The latest trends I am noticing is a slower speed and closer track to the SE FL coast. A landfall even if brief is entirely possible Saturday night/Sunday morning. #Isaias


It can stay away. I’m enjoying this respite a lot. Weeds have been taking over while I was hiding in the shade, out of the heat.


12z GFS has it hitting central Florida/space coast and then moving offshore and hitting again the S Carolina and speeding up the coast (mostly as a heavy rainstorm…should weaken inland) but looks to run thru all the major cities (Dc/NY/Boston).


This is a storm to look at… i’m updating on severe warning thread.


I still have cauliflower/broccoli that has yet to head up…planted in April! My lettuce has flowers.


Hottest day of the year in parts of Europe. Paris was 104F and London was 98F. Pretty impressive stuff.


We have those in CA. At least fist size, and larger.