How is your weather?


I wouldn’t wait on it


I’m all in at this point. I have no idea how to grow those things here. I think 1 year i actually got a nice head of the purple stuff. It seems impossible with this climate.

It is so dry here. Having sand for soil has its downside and that is if we don’t get about an inch a week, it turns crusty fast. Instead of weeding, now i’m watering…even the big trees (oaks/conifers) i’ve started giving a good soak. Also laid down a bunch of woodchips.

Maybe rain tomorrow but the odds are slim and it looks like very little…after that a big high pressure system comes down and next chance of rain is late week…looks dry again after that. Tues morning GFS has upper 40Fs…with this bone dry soil that might be a possibility.


As a generality, I find brassicas tend to do better as fall crops.

Which would take watering


Ugh. Hurricane I. is heading for us on Wednesday as of right now. Predicted 25-40 MPH winds…looks like I will be busy over the next couple of days staking a few trees & thinning some apples and peaches to try and avoid broken branches or fallen trees. Always something to worry about…2020 has sucked in that regard!:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Looks like it goes right thru CT/MA/VT and into W Maine as it heads north very quickly.


yeah. not good for trees filled with fruit! i have several of my cherries that put on a lot of growth on top this season that I’m worried about breaking in high winds.


Yesterday was very weird here… topped out at 73F but most of the day was upper 60Fs… clouds the entire day made it feel like fall. Dropped to 52F this morning which is the coldest morning since June 14th (50F). Still no rain…last good rain around here was July 9th.

Where the city rebuilt the roadway a few years back…they put in new sidewalk/sod/trees… no shade so it’s hit by sun all day. Grass is brown, trees leaves are all falling off. Someone forgot to water.


I was really hoping to at least get some outer bands from the storm and some reduced humidity. I guess not…


I was cold last night…put on a long sleeve for the first time in a long time. Some clouds this afternoon…upper levels must be really cold. 71F…dewpoint is 45F… very dry for early Aug.

International Falls, MN was 39F this morning.


Dodged this one…Those high level winds broke it up and it was pretty disorganized from the get go, so thankfully Isaias was pretty much a non-event for us…we were expecting some N’or easter like conditions today but it’s not even really that windy and no rain…


we got a few little bands on and off today with a bit of rain, not like we needed any more…


This Canadian air first week of August is rather rare…have seen several times in later August over the past 60 years.


Feels nice to great a break from the heat/humidity. AC has taken a few day break too. Going to go right back ot summer though by the looks of it… Heat gets turned back on Friday and Sunday should be right back into the 90Fs or better with plenty of humidity. 15 day is more or less summer…so a quick taste of fall.


Tropical downpours right now…more rain & less wind (thankfully!) than I expected…so far.


Tropical storms are kinda fun…have experienced several.
But I suspect hurricanes are not fun.
Been in Tampa, Pensacola, FL and in Brunswick GA for tropical storms…and just missed one in Myrtle Beach one time.
Carolina Beach with snow is kinda fun too.


Freakin HOT!!!


I predict record cold for Florida this winter :santa:

Actually…Florida is probably due for some cold? Its been some very mild winters down there lately.


Yep, yep, I was in Highlands county with 17 degrees in 2009 I think it was…killed an orange tree or two.

Might be a cold winter…there is an el Nina I think this winter?


Well we ended up getting some pretty nasty 40+ wind gusts…not real excited to tour the orchard tomorrow morning. Hopefully no major tree damage even if we did lose some fruit.


I was in S Florida Jan of 2009 and it was very cold the last few days we were there. i think i remember seeing frost in Key Largo (Homestead, FL showed 35F that morning). 2010 looks like it was even colder.

Warmer overnight here… about 10F over the previous…dew points have crept back up too. Still looking for rain…even the weeds in my lawn are dead :slight_smile: