How is your weather?


So I got through the peach orchard. One smaller tree down…split down the middle where “rot” spot had started. A few peaches fell…but not as many as I thought. The worst thing was that quite a few 2-3 year old trees with a lot of new top growth are now leaning and need to be staked. Ugh…more work.


Yeah…storms are always a little scary if you have a tree or more full of fruit. Picking up drops gets old. I’ve filled up a few 5 gallon buckets with dropped/half chomped on apples already.

I had an old (10 ish years) apricot that fell over the last storm we had (50mph+ winds)… One thing i’ve noticed about stonefruit is that they are not a long term type of tree up here. Seems like they have an expiration date and you have to be ready to start over all the time. Also they get blitzed by critters both winged and non winged. My Saturn peach got swiped clean the past 2 days. Thinking either squirrels or chipmunks.

I’m about done with apple growing… the birds just peck way too much of the fruit…and with how dry it has been i don’t blame them (although i do have a pond and a bird bath which they use). I’m going to chainsaw 2 apples–plus we really don’t eat apples in this house unless they are Honeycrisp.

Berries are still doing great. Awesome blueberry year. Raspberries are still blooming/have set fruit for fall. With the lack of rain i’ve had to water a lot.


Can’t catch a break…we’re getting about a 1/2 inch to an inch each every afternoon…


It has been mild the last couple of winters, but we go in cycles…A few years back we had one of the coldest days/nights in the last 20 or so years…I happened to be out camping with some friends that weekend it got down to the low 20’s…I was not as prepared as I should have been and it wound up being a long cold night…

@warmwxrules I’d gladly send some of this your way if I could…

Seems it’s not letting up…4:20PM ET…





so far were up to the 2nd driest on record. people have given up mowing lawns and just 50 mi. to the south the lawns are green. its only a small area up here thats in severe drought.


I think we’re above normal third year running.


It is pretty rough here, but areas of Iowa have it worse… This map isn’t all that accurate because there are areas near me that have had good rain, and then areas like where i am that have had pretty much nothing. Only positive is no mowing for the last 3 weeks. Lots and lots of watering. I try to fill up a few 5 gallon buckets everyday so the water warms (our well water is cold).


Yeah, others have it worse. The rain around here has been hit and miss - our place is mostly miss. I recall last week seeing the Cubs game deluged out from the rain that went right past us.


A week or so ago when i was looking at other cities i noticed Chicago was way below normal for precip (at Ohare)…so they probably needed it too.

We got just enough rain this morning to wet the pavement…lasted maybe 15 minutes. Looking at radar there were some good cells to the north/east (the trend this year)…that area along i94 from Minneapolis to Madison has had a lot of heavy rain this summer.


Looks like a tornado hit a few miles from my house yesterday. Lots of rain too, river was higher than for Isaias a few days ago, the highest I’ve seen it. Heard some talk about it being a thousand year storm, not sure but it is a real mess.

You make out okay @ahmad?


Thanks for checking Brent! I actually wanted to check on you too. We had two record breaking events in Delaware this week! On Tue a tornado hit Dover and traveled on land for about 30 miles reaching Middletown and Glasgow, then on Fri we had record downpour in North Wilmington, I think about 4” in half an hour. Here is how it looked a few hundred feet from my house yesterday!

Luckily my garden suffered minimal damage, a downed 12’ cherry tomato and pepper plant and snapped RDB fig. My main concern is pluot cracking (they are all bagged, so cannot tell how many cracked) and quality of my nectarines which are due to be picked the end of next week.


Sorry to hear that. This prompts us to check on our friend who lives in Middletown.


There wasn’t as much rain at the farm, the tomatoes didn’t like it though.

Saw the first ripening rdb today, starting to split of course.


4" in a half hour is insane… Could take a good shower in that! Grab some shampoo…

Line of red tstorms heading this way…the streak might end here in the next 15 minutes.


It was crazy… I have never seen roads flooded that way in my neighborhood. So many basements were flooded too.


That amount of rain just has no where to go in that amount of time…

Minneapolis area saw 6" of rain and baseball size hail. No thanks on either of those. Going to be a ton of new roofing going up in the MSP area the next couple of months.

Closer to home i finally got rain in my yard… just under half an inch of liquid …not much but better then nothing.

Cold front pushes thru today…maybe one more shot at rain (could really use it)…should bring quiet (dry of course) weather after that…temps tonite drop to mid 50Fs so that will feel great.


phone camera just doesn’t do it justice…we had this amazing rainbow the other day…


Between 94-100 everday for the past two weeks and this week, same prediction. No rain to speak of. I water my trees every other day.


Nice band moving across Iowa right now… even a little is better then nothing.


It’s supposed to bring us wind and hail - not rain.