How is your weather?


I just saw this from Des Moines…holy cats…there will be a bunch of damage

No precip here…stayed just south …Madison/Janesville/etc look to get plenty.

Cold front is thru here…NW winds…dew points are dropping. Doesn’t look like it stays that cool though…temps go right back into upper 80Fs… although i think humidity should stay comfortable. Summer rolls on.


I’m following this event on severe weather thread…



.@NWSGrandRapids noting that the #derecho near Chicago could cause a meteotsunami on Lake Michigan. #MIwx


In the midst of a nasty electrical storm…


Maine’s humidity is nothing compared to most of the East Coast…that being said I am so sick of the #$%&! humidity here! We are on a 5 or 6 week stretch of moist humid stickiness…and 90 coming tomorrow. Ugh.


same here. upper 80’s tomorrow. humidities been wicked here as well. no breezes either. we are 4 days from beating the record of the most 85 or higher in a row here. the forecast says it will happen. AC’s on from 9am to 9pm daily.


Sure is nice after the storm passed thru and gone


That is scary stuff. Lots of trees down, roof damage… I saw a guy had some pics of his corn fields…they were completely flat…i guess all of his looked like that.

There were actually some embedded tornadoes near Milwaukee/Chicago during all of this too.

Looks like rain chances around here Weds-Sat… temps 80F ish…


We knew we had a storm when they said it was moving to the wsw at 75mph. 10 min. warning. We had moderate tree damage in Des Moines, power came on 3 hrs ago. Cedar Rapids had it much worse, 110+ mph winds, reported every phone pole in a city of 200,000 broken. Estimated repair time into Sept. Second time this decade Mother Nature has tried to destroy them. This is the 4th such storm I’ve seen in 40yrs., a dry land hurricane. We have no building codes for hurricane strength winds so damage is more severe here. Fruit blew off most of the trees, corn that is standing looks like its been through a hailstorm. This will be hard on the farm community, most farms in this storm lost grain bins, they’re weak when they’re empty, down corn is very hard to harvest and the prices are low.


Not a day I’ll soon miss.


Haha they forecast 109 for today but it only hit 104 (in Livermore CA).


I read that California might have to have rolling blackouts because of electricity usage. Has that happened before?

Storm rolled thru here last night… 6/10 of an inch…best rainfall since July 9th.


That sucks so bad for those people. I saw a before and after from a webcam in one of those hard hit towns and the tree canopy was basically gone after the storm went thru.

I’ve seen reports of 10 million acres of corn flattened. I’m guessing they’ll find some way to harvest some of that, but man that is bad. Plus it destroyed/damaged lots of bins holding corn. You can see the damage from space to the corn…


It actually hit 106° at the airport. My part of Livermore always runs a little hotter then the airport reading :sunglasses:


There were rolling blackouts (thankfully my area was spared). It happened the last time I read, was 2000.


We just had our second blackout…lasted about 50 minutes. Cheers could be heard from the neighbors when it was restored. Only 106 today. Dry lightening is forecast for tonight. Maybe we can add smoke to our party?


1/3 inch of drizzle - I’ll take it


Don’t worry…probably rain for a month straight when this pattern flips.


We were forecast for possibly 4-6 inches of rain today off a system in the gulf. We sure need it. Damn system was held to the south of us and we didn’t get a drop. Panama City and Pensacola got drowned yesterday. We got nutin!!!


Death Valley was a comfortable 123F yesterday…

Tokyo is going thru a heat wave…they were 91F with a dew point of 82F … dews have been around 80F for days there with temps reaching low and even mid 90Fs (yuck)…which is amazingly humid…worst then Miami.

60F overnight here… very nice…temps warming up into upper 80Fs today… need more rain…next chance mid week.


Hey…they were only off by a half foot…not bad for government work :wink:

No tropical systems into Florida in the next 10 days//at least on the GFS…however it does look like plenty of rain chances.