How is your weather?


Oh we certainly had this. NWS was on the money. Several fires around the Bay Area (including Livermore) from all the thunder and dry lightening. I’ve never seen lightening here like back east. Crazy!



furnace creek has just jumped to an incredible 127.7F . This already smashed THE HiGHEST TEMPERATURE EVER RECORDED iN USA AND NORTH AMERiCA iN AUGUST. world record might follow …stay tuned


They must have another sensor there that isn’t online… closer to the lowest spot where it should be warmer…at 80 ft in elevation it was 125F…



They actually ended up peaking at 130°. The hottest temperature since 1913. Just shy of the world record of 134.1.
We hit 111° yesterday and 108° today. But we had 60° dew points today making for an exceptionally uncomfortable day.



Given the increasingly favorable climo, how conducive the Atlantic this year, and the big, lumbering MJO wave that’s going to pass over the basin in the next 1-2 weeks, things are about to get extremely busy in the tropical Atlantic over the coming weeks. Buckle up.


GFS has a hurricane moving thru the Yucatan (Cancun’ish area) and then hitting just south of Texas… around day 10… obviously that track could change a ton…

Hot in the west/cool in the midwest… low 80Fs for highs and around 55F-60F at night all week…no rain of course.



WMO will verify the temperature of 130°F (54.4C) reported at Death Valley, California, on Sunday. This would be the hottest global temperature officially recorded since 1931.


No…death valley hit 130 over last weekend



Someone on another board said they just got 4g cellphone service back yesterday. Some still don’t have power.

Iowa produces a lot of wind power…i wonder if any of those were damaged…i think they turn off in high wind. I’ll have to dig.

Mid 80s…south wind and sun. Driest summer i can remember in at least a decade. It reminds me of Groundhog Day…everyday seems like a repeat.



A source just commented on the #wildfires in #California. “We’re completely overwhelmed. We’ve never seen this many major fires burning at one time.” Across the state, ash is raining from a sepia sky.


I’m happy with this summer’s KENTUCKY weather. 85 yesterday and evening rain, about 80 today and mostly sunny.


A touch of fall in the air today…I’m not complaining.


GFS really hints at some fall late month… i would bet we’ll see widespread 40Fs around here before the month is done…maybe even high temps in the 60Fs one day.

Send rain! At the park today…leaves are falling off trees…crusty brown.


I check weather forecast everyday. Sometimes a few times throughout the day. Today, it was supposed to be sunny all day.

By 5:30 pm, the sky looked ominous. We asked Alexa and Siri and checked WeatherUnderground at that time, they all said, partly sunny, no rain. Then ,it started to pour like buckets. I was very happy since this was the heaviest rain we had in over a month.

Well, with all the advanced technolgy we have, weather forecast is still not quite reliable


We had a surprise pop up late afternoon shower as well yesterday.


We were down to 46.2F last night, the second time this month we’ve gotten into the 40’s at night. Too early for this!


High pressure right over PENN/NY border probably did that. South winds on the back side here so we stayed at 65F all night… dews are still upper 50Fs so humidity has been kept in check for days.



Want to make clear: Not hyping these storms, but we are seeing some concerning forecast trends with #97L and #TD13. Both systems should be watched closely and no one from FL through the Gulf coast is out of the woods from either system. Waters are VERY warm in this region as well

I will start to update about this two storms on Severe Weather Warning thread. As the tweet above say, they can reach the hurricane status and impact Florida and Gom states at same time by Sunday/Monday.
Stay safe everyone! :+1:


Tropical system moves across Key Largo, Naples up the Florida west coast and makes landfall PCB area…drops a lot of rain by the looks of it across N Florida as it moves across Georgia and out to the Atlantic…says the GFS. Slow ish mover…