How is your weather?


Early fall for you! 87 today in the south of France, starting to get a breeze in the evening

. Lovely.


I watch a biking YouTuber by the name of Sam Pilgrim (UK) and he was in France the last few episodes. Beautiful there…he was at a ski resort (biking in summer) near the Swiss border (Morzine). They had on long sleeves so it must have been cool (elevation). On the way back to the UK (something about closing their borders so they had to leave quick) they stopped in central France and it looked really dry (like here)/sunny and warm.

New GFS looks weak but has 2 tropical systems…one hits TX/LA border and the other still north Florida. These might be more rain makers then high winds.


Not sure if you’ve seen this… best video of the Iowa Derecho… insane …they are now saying Cedar Rapids may have had winds of 140mph


Thank’s! It was an insane derecho! Terrible consequences… now the next two hurricanes Sunday/Monday will be memorable…


Fujiwhara on GOM? Who knows, but interesting! Crazy stuff in near time! :open_mouth:


This is waaaay out there for a model (Sept 3) but this would indicate possible frost upper midwest/plains. The GFS actually shows snow across Ontario…lol… Probably be 90F in October.


its about that time here but the last 10 years we’ve been seeing some 80’s into sept. i hope that isn’t the case this year. i like my cool fall grouse hunting!


#BREAKING: Tropical Storm #LAURA forms east of the Leeward Islands. Laura obliterates the record of the earliest 12th named storm in the Atlantic Basin, held by LUIS on August 29th, 1995.



#TD14 and now-TS #Laura may come close enough in the Gulf of Mexico early next week to interact. What might that look like? This animation provides a quick look at how the #Fujiwara Effect might impact each storm’s track. Learn more in this AM’s blog:


@dutch-s assuming you’re keeping an eye on this one…you guys would be in the upper right quadrant…


I’m updating it on the Severe Weather Warning thread… just saying.


12z GFS runs not 1, but 2 tropical systems into Louisiana …One near New Orleans and the second one west more.

Got some rain here…less then 1/10 inch…need more. Hot next week…mid 90Fs looking likely now. Better hope the storms fire today and drop more or i’ll be watering like mad.



Dropsonde in #Marco splashed at 993 hPa under 15 kt of wind, so likely closer to 992 hPa. Eyewall drop showed a peak of 66 kt at 977 hPa. Looking at the profile, it would reduce to around 50 kt, but SFMR indicating up to 54 kt. Vortex has a closed eye now of 10 n mi.


looks like new orleans in the crosshairs again. at least they aren’t predicted to be a cat4 and cat3.


35 min
A Tropical Storm Watch has been issued from the Mississippi/Alabama border eastward to the Alabama/Florida border. #Marco

35 min
A Storm Surge Watch has been issued from Sabine Pass eastward to the Alabama/Florida border, including Lake Pontchartrain, Lake Maurepas, Lake Borgne, and Mobile Bay. #Marco

36 min
BREAKING: A Hurricane Watch has been issued from Intracoastal City Louisiana eastward to the Mississippi/Alabama border, including Lake Pontchartrain, Lake Maurepas, and Metropolitan New Orleans.


96 Hour UKMET, EURO, GFS, ICON 00z model runs.
TEXAS/LOUISIANA residents from Port O’Connor to Grand Isle should take note of current trends in model runs. Potentially dangerous situation developing for Western Gulf states.
All models showing a Sub 960mb hurricane as Laura nears coast.
Less than 4 days from potential impacts. Not a lot of time to prepare.


Bring it on! With rain, please.


Nice day today, after rain past two days (scattered, some places may have missed out). Muggy and hot…then perhaps rain from the tropical systems in Gulf of Mexico later in coming week.



Data from an Air Force Reserve Hurricane Hunter aircraft indicate
that Marco has strengthened into a hurricane with maximum winds of
75 mph (120 km/h) with higher gusts.


According to my home weather station we haven’t had rain since 8/11/2020. Our trails through the properties are so dry they’re covered in a fine sand and when we drive over them a cloud of dust follows. *Edit: We did have a rain event on 8/16 (the hurricane remains) but for some reason my system is going back to 8/11.