How is your weather?


I dug a hole the other day to put in a blueberry and the soil was so dry/dusty. Amazing how fast it can dry out here…we had over 7 inches of rain in June and now this month we’ve had just a tad over an inch. The never ending sunshine, wind hasn’t been helping either. Overall its been nice (temps/humidity) the past few weeks, just non stop watering.

Chance of rain tomorrow and late week.

228hr GFS has some snow flakes for the Black Hills of South Dakota… seems early, we’ll see.


our severe drought here has worsened. almost exceptional now. we’ve had a few 1/4in. rainfalls this month but after 10 min. its like it never happened. they are saying yields in the potato fields will be 50% of average. 2020 bites! see cooling down coming. maybe will bring more moisture. at this point it won’t help the farmers as the plants cease growing by the end of august anyway.


Our apple orchard is as dry as I’ve ever seen it (10 years). We have irrigation for the blueberries & peaches but the apples are on their own. They seem to be holding up pretty well though…and I have hand watered the stuff I put in this season.



I’m seeing more squrrels into the apples and pears than usual - probably thirsty


Cooler in the 70’s today with a breeze. This usually does not happen until October.



The significant wave height at the @CDIPBuoys buoy (Satan Shoal) just off the Florida Reef tract SW of #KeyWest is approaching 6 feet this morning. By this evening, seas likely will be approaching 15 feet there as SE gales rise over the Straits of Florida. @NWSKeyWest #TSLaura


TS Marco…


52 min

Keep in mind that impacts from #Marco that are ongoing along the north gulf coast extend well east of where the center is forecast to make landfall later today. Heavy rain is spreading into Alabama and the Florida panhandle, where flash flood watches (green) are in place. Be safe


the drought is moving south now. all of aroostook county is severe when last month it was just the north. bought some corn from a local farmer and its tiny compared to regular years.


Apples will cook on the trees today. Calling for 98F and should be plenty humid.


damn Rob! you get a lot of 90+ for z4. we rarely see 90 here.


My corn was small this year as well. However, it was really sweet !


Drove through a gully washer today in Augusta (ME)…holy cow it was coming down in buckets and there was minor street flooding.


Not so humid here

Gonna go out and pick some Galas this aft. I’ve been eating them one by one for a week or so, checking the ripening


NWS says we average 17 days 90F or better a year… This year we are at about 24 (including today) so far probably because it has been so dry. It is either blazing hot or freezing cold. Very much a continental climate.

Today didn’t get anywhere near 98F…think we hit 91F…mostly clouds all day and almost zero wind. I think there is smoke in the air from the California wildfires…weird haze this evening.


Severe Weather Alert!

Tx/LA coast will have tomorrow a Major Hurricane Landfall! Prepare Now! Landfall will be in the area from Galveston to Port O’Connor. Strong storm surge and tornado threat expected.


Mayor Pro Tem Craig Brown signed a mandatory evacuation Tuesday instructing all Galveston residents to begin leaving the island for safety.


yes, the flavor was good but you had to eat 3 to equal 1 .


Evacuation orders now issued for portions of the Houston area in Harris County, Texas. #Laura


cold front moving through dumped 1.5in. in a couple hrs. too little too late for crops here but will at least keep my well from going dry. we need a fairly dry late sept. , early oct. so the farmers can get their crops harvested. I’m thinking that with the cooler weather, there may be a wet pattern setting in. high tom. only 56f with high winds. wouldnt be surprised to see a early frost soon. predicting mid to low 60’s for the next 7 days.