How is your weather?


Really, you think it makes a direct hit on Harris County, Tx?


Hot and humid. We need rain but could wait till storm damaged crops are harvested.


Hurricane Laura 1:00 AM CDT Wed Aug 26
Location: 25.6°N 90.2°W
Moving: WNW at 17 mph
Min pressure: 978 mb
Max sustained: 105 mph




6 h

The 18z EPS members show a large number of members between Galveston Bay and the La border for #Laura Everyone from to upper Texas coast to western Louisiana should prepare for a major hurricane hit. Port Arthur, Sabine River may be ground zero.


As a few others have mentioned, recon just found 122 knot flight level winds in the northern semicircle of #Laura’s eyewall, which would support an intensity of 110 KTS, meaning that #Laura is almost a category 4 hurricane already. Wut

Now i’m shure it will be a Cat5!


96F yesterday and showing 95F today… although should drop to around 80F by this weekend. Still showing an inch of rain for Friday.


I want to make a statement. Laura Hurricane will be a Irma and Dorian like storm. A Cat 5 later, no dout! Please everyone on path of this monster take care and do what you can to save you and yours. My family prayers to all.


NHC describes #Laura’s storm surge with these intense words: “Unsurvivable storm surge with large and destructive waves will cause catastrophic damage… …This surge could penetrate up to 30 miles inland from the immediate coastline.”

944.7 mb

(~ 27.90 inHg)

Dropped 8 MB’s from previous NHC post. This is catastrophic.


45 here last night…many places in Maine were in the 30s. One of the colder August nights that I can remember.

This followed a day of pretty heavy duty 20 MPH winds yesterday…broke a large branch full of peaches on one of our trees. After seeing that we went through and started pulling off a bunch of our Contender peaches which we should have thinned much more…I had a feeling this would happen.:neutral_face:


Tied a record yesterday…also the warmest August day since 2013…97F. I’ll take what you got. Low overnight was 77F…that may be a record.

The long range does show snow into the Rockies and some much cooler weather across the north.

That hurricane is well inland this morning. Made pretty good northward movement overnight. Looking at one buoy along the path…shows 110mph east winds and then almost calm as the eye passed and then 93mph west winds out of the other direction.


I wish it would bring some rain here


Not happening with this one…should make a nice right hand turn and head over the NE. We do have a front moving thru that hopefully drops rain. GFS shows what could be a rainy day tomorrow (that would be the first in a long time)…so we’ll see. Looking at the 10 day for Des Moines…looks like a few small chances but nothing that is going to break a drought or even make a dent…if it even rains at all.


I would like to order a deluge and hold the wind please for all of the west!


Just under an inch of rain this morning…that would be the most since July 9th. Less then an hour east of here some spots had over 10 inches according to radar. That area has been hammered all summer.

Cold front moving thru…should drop to about 60F tonite…this should start a trend where temps stay below 80F maybe the next week or more. Another good shot of rain Monday as a reinforcing cool shot comes thru.


Its poring right now first big rain in months, means fall is on the way!


Shower in a.m. and the tropical remnants of Laura will reach us before dark and through tomorrow in Kentucky. Most of us didn’t have any significant drought issues, but the rain is welcome here.


Lookslike the rain from the front has piffled away to nothing - again

Our August rainfall total is less than an inch


Best chance looks to be Tues.

I’ll post a pic tomorrow…but omg…my cauliflower (cheddar) is forming a head. I planted those things in April? lol… another strange odd thing that has happened with them over the summer…no caterpillars on them from those stupid white moths. The leaves look really good…never sprayed BT or anything, what i have noticed is wasps hanging around the plants all summer…they must be eating them or something?

My wife’s friend who lives in Toronto was talking about how cold it was up there. They have a pool and the temp of the water was 64F… yikes. NO thonging in that thing.


I haven’t seen anything from the vegetable pests, no blights or wilts, but the yield is awful anyway.

This fall, I’m turning the garden over to prairie.


The GFS is hinting at some late fall weather at day 10. Looks like shot after shot of high pressure out of western Canada the next 10+ days…

That blue line (540) is the freezing line (usually what determines rain vs snow). Still too warm for that nonsense but still should be fun to watch. The blue in Ontario is snow flakes.


Rain gauge shows about 3 inches fell this morning. I guess someone flipped the switch.

Still looks very chilly in the extended.