How is your weather?


Yep, rainy and chilly looks to be the pattern for September.


1/4 inch - if that


That ain’t going to do it. The rain we got helped but it was too late. I guess it was nice not having to mow for like 6 weeks//the only thing green was weeds.

We had thick fog this morning…chilly too…55F or so when i left. Then some sun and now back into heavy cloud cover. Cold shot still coming…gfs doesn’t look quite as cold but still should see a night around 40F. Moon was neat last night.

Celery in the garden all got pulled and thrown into compost pile. Garbage again. I have some growing in my pond that looks good…only way to grow that stuff around here.


Looks like that frost potential is growing for next weds morning. I’m guessing cold spots will get frost. I’ll be watching. Tomatoes might be done.


So early!


last week it got down to 34f here. seen frosts in aug. but its exceedingly rare nowadays.


Holy kasmooly… We only see that a few times a year in the dead of winter.


Drought report out - a lot of new D-1 spreading


Yes…even September frost is rare here. Average is Oct 10.


Cold front just moved thru this morning… had just a quick few drops of rain as it moved thru…now winds blowing about 40mph out of the NW.

It could snow in Denver next week.


next few days its getting in the mid 70’s then it stays in the mid to upper 60’s after that. our growing season is just about over.


Yeah this next week looks pretty mild. Nothing diving into the 40s overnight during the next 2 weeks for us.


Front is passing thru us right now. They Say we might get 2-3" rain in the coming week, but I know better than to count on it.

What’s left of the growing season here are the Fuji apples, once I pick the Brooks plums, which I can’t keep the squirrels out of. Everything else is either picked, finished, or never fruited in the first place.


I have so many houseplants that i’ll be playing musical chairs moving them in and out of the garage until daytime temps get too cold. I can usually push that into late October in a good year (we’ve had Halloweens that you can wear shorts and some you need winter jackets)…maybe even keep them out some in November. Winter starts here about November 15th. The problem is usually clouds…i’;m not sure how the NE is…but November is the cloudiest month here…and December is a close second.


This thing looks impressive. Snow even into W Kansas/NE…

Rainfall totals for the next 7 days…should help some


Frost, eh?

I saw it had snowed in Idaho and MT.

Raining here…monsoon season followed the remnants of Hurricane Laura I reckon.
Quite often we have a wet late August in KY…but definitely not all years as some are quite dry.

Earliest frost I am aware of here was Sept. 18, 1980…following a long hot summer.
Mid October or late October the usual first frost here. 1987 I picked tomatoes from the garden for Thanksgiving…I’m thinking this year may be closer to that year than to the September frost year.


Usually light early frosts don’t do a lot of harm, it’s the teens we get in November that will put everything to sleep for good.

Nice day today …72F/46F … can’t really get much better. Full sun.


75f and sunny here but last day of 70+ for awhile.


I’ve lived in Colorado for a long time now, but even I’m a little shocked by this temperature swing…


Any idea on what kind of damage I might expect on trees that have been basking in 90’s for the past two months? Anything I can do?