How is your weather?


Wow is right! Here in Maine most of September is like a slow burn toward fall/winter. Honestly the thing that I notice is the dwindling daylight more than the cooler temps because the sunshine is still brilliant & warm.

October is when things really start to get dicey. We usually get our first “killing” frost around the first/second week of Oct. Around the third week of Oct things really go downhill temps and daylight wise. By the end of the month we could see measurable snow. November is just plain nasty as far as weather goes…for every “nice” day (sun and “maybe” in the 40s) it always seems like we get about 4 bad ones…a very wet, dreary & dark month.

My ranking of months weather wise from best to worst (might surprise some people):

  1. September
  2. June
  3. July
  4. May
  5. October
  6. August
  7. January
  8. December
  9. April
  10. November
  11. March
  12. February

Those last 3 are the pits for me.


Those are rainfall totals in millimeters, right? I don’t buy it that we will get 2-2.5 inches of rain here in E.C. Iowa.


Don’t ever believe rainfall totals off those models. If anything just know there is a chance liquid might fall from the sky. The GFS is even heavier on precip with this model run for east Iowa (Quad Cities area looking wet) …this thing is going to be fun to watch. Now it shows snow into N Texas :slight_smile: Yeehaw! Who knows what happens…elevation obviously will play a huge factor out west and time of day (night) Looks like all rain here. Even frost is unlikely in these parts, but temps are going to feel frigid. Calling for highs in the 50Fs next. Cold September rain.


i concur. at least here the temps swings aren’t as severe as in the western states.


sept. is my favorite month to go camping. warm days and cool nights. no bugs. and the fishing is usually good with male brook trout sporting their fall spawning colors. :wink:


October is probably the best in terms of weather around here. Summer humidity is almost always gone, shorter days, cooler…but still lots of sun. Fall colors start showing. This time of year is hunting time so there is that too (bow hunting runs mid Sept into January).

We could see 2 days with highs in the 50Fs next week. Last time we had a high temp in the 50Fs was May 18th (59F). With all the rain around/clouds next week…frost is looking very unlikely…should stick into the 40Fs overnight. Warm up by Thurs.


November, December, January are best here. I’ll be planting carrots, cabbage, lettuce and a few others soon. We never get enough frost to have to worry about the winter crops. I’ll pay better Attention this year and will hopefully have a good crop.
Hunting here starts bow Sept 19. I love bow but it’s usually pretty darn hot for it. Still short sleeves and bug repellent.

No frost here usually until mid to late Jan

I’m thinking I might even try a late sweet drip sorghum this year. I plant now I think I can still get a decent crop


I was behind a car with Florida plates today. Probably getting ready to roll out :slight_smile:

I would say if you hate cold…you can usually aim for about November 15th…up until then i feel like it’s pretty safe…after then… run…run as fast as you can==Florida/California/Arizona/Gulf Coast …

we were gun hunting one year and it started snowing pretty heavy…the old guy (family friend) i was with (i was a teen/hunting with older brother) said he was “getting out while the gettings good”… that has always stuck in my head for some reason. I still remember him fish tailing all over the place as he drove away.

80F sunny and low humidity this afternoon…i’m going for a bike ride.


Rain! The only rain on the national radar map - right on top of us!


Under a quarter inch here but a lot more to the south. Temp really plummeted over night (64F right now). Should see rain later today and then off and on for most of the week. Going to feel like late October.

Going to be moving a lot of plants around today.


mid 60’s with high wind advisory.(+40 mph).


Temps DIDN’T fall overnite here, and now the rain is heading to LaCrosse instead of IL


Been staying just north of here. Already feels fallish…only 53F in Minneapolis right now…yikes. Still showing 64F here. I’ve got a fig/plumeria/pineapple/passionfruit/and maybe a couple other things to drag in for the next few days…ugh. Too early for that.


OMG… I love this forecast.

That would be a record drop in temp…amazing stuff you don’t see very often. Fro AC to the furnace in one day.


Not as bad as @warmwxrules

Winter Weather Advisory until MON 9:00 PM MDT

1 of 2

Action Recommended

Execute a pre-planned activity identified in the instructions

Issued By

Great Falls - MT, US, National Weather Service

Affected Area

Meagher, Judith Basin, Fergus, Cascade and Central and Southern Lewis and Clark


…WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY REMAINS IN EFFECT UNTIL 9 PM MDT THIS EVENING ABOVE 6000 FEET… WHAT…Snow occurring above 6000 feet. Additional snow accumulations of 1 to 3 inches. Winds gusting as high as 40 mph. WHERE…Meagher, Judith Basin, Fergus, Cascade and Central and Southern Lewis and Clark. WHEN…Until 9 PM MDT this evening.
IMPACTS…Wet snow and unseasonably cold conditions will impact those traveling, recreating or working outdoors at higher elevations in the mountains. Minor accumulation of slush on some higher elevation passes could make road surfaces slippery. Wet snow could bring down small tree limbs.

Helena, MT, 32 degree tonight, rain ending this evening, temperatures warming to lower 80’s by end of week.


wow! talk about a change. wonder if its the same front that hit Richard in Denver 2 days ago.


Yep…sorry for you guys…101 F to 20 degrees and snowstorm…in 2 days?


Today it was raining ash and 90’s - tied a record for most 90 degree days in a year.
Tomorrow we’re expecting ~2-4 inches of snow and a low of 29… Hurray Colorado!


To back up scooter it was a day


The South wind yesterday was non-stop for about 8 hours…thankfully not 40 mph though!