How is your weather?


Sorry you’re experiencing the last day of fall there! Winter it looks like.


Just gloomy and windy here… temps still mild but Thurs and Fri only show a high of 50F … snow flakes maybe on Sunday. :snowman:


Beautiful & summer like today…might touch close to 70. Huge rain coming 1.5 - 2 inches in the forecast for Friday/Saturday. Might have to mow the lawn again as grass is starting to grow…still have flowers blooming on various weeds. We have not been in the 20s yet…and no overnight lows in the 20s in the 2 week forecast either. No hard freeze yet…the weird year continues.


Yup…looks like troughing sticks to the middle of the country…at least thru the last week of October. Snow flakes here maybe tomorrow. 45F right now. Sunshine makes it look a lot nicer then it is :cold_face:

Last week of Oct


Finally, chilly and unusual in this part of France. It has been in the high seventies in the past. Turned up the heat last night for the first time. In the low 60’s during the day:


It’s been very windy here. Blowing the leaves off the trees/


My view at the end of this morning’s walk


Wow… is this early for snow? I saw there was snow across North Dakota too. Our turn tonite… rain/snow mix likely.

Dropped to mid 30Fs here …some frost this morning.


It’s a bit early, yes. The sun is out now, the snow should be gone in a few hours. I’d guess we got 2-3" total.


I still haven’t had the furnace on yet, but i’ll have to probably starting Sunday. Sunday night now showing 27F so that should wipe everything out.

La Crosse had something about the winter outlook locally. The stronger the La Nina the warmer the winter… moderate La Ninas were some of the coldest winters the last 70 years…yikes.


I broke down and turned it as well as the in-floor heat on a couple days ago. The wife had been complaining for a few weeks. I was trying to hold out until November. Highs in the 30s next week…




Scheduled for November. Last week of on a 2 day trip. Love Florida for that reason :rofl:


cold rain off and on next 7 days. we need it. typical fall weather pattern.


Heaviest rain we’ve had since last year.


the st. john river is up 6ft. in just 1 week. it takes a lot of rain to bring it up that much.


NOAA predicts a warmer winter in the Northeast this winter. While I like the prediction, I hope we don’t have cold spring (again).

@SMC_zone6, @Johnthecook, @galinas, @JinMA, @jcguarneri, et al,


@mamuang I still haven’t had a frost. I thought for sure this morning, but not quite.


I still have my sweet peppers fruiting outside. Past night was a close call, we had some frost on the windshield, but they survived.


Same here. Frost on windshields but no visible damage on plants. Nothing below 40F in the 10 day forecast. My apples will have time to ripen.

My chili peppers continue to produce and are flowering still :grin: