How is your weather?


My peppers are still pumping out. With this virus a warmer milder winter would be nice. Butternuts I’m letting stay on vine for a little longer. They get sweeter the longer they stay on. This drought hopefully will break soon.


I still have a couple of watermelons on the vines. I will let them go on as long as possible.

We got soaked on Fri -Sat early am. Ton of rain in that period of time.


Scattered frost in Kentucky, on Friday night, but didn’t hurt any of my plants except green figs dropped. Tomatoes not harmed.
have a hellebore bloom out already…usually bloom Thanksgiving through April.


I wonder why the hellebore is doing that?

I also have a community garden plot about a mile from my house that’s frosted a few times already. It’s down closer to the river and in a less urban part of town.


Freezing rain and late spring snowstorms are becoming the norm…ugh. Dec/Jan have been no problem…Feb/March are the worst months…and even early April is becoming a nail biter.


Helleborus niger …is the earliest blooming species…it’s only 2 or 3 weeks early, and the cold in September probably made it think it was November!


Bird bath is frozen this morning. Outside weather gauge shows 34F right now. Temp isn’t going very far today.

Haven’t really paid attention…this looks like a lot of snow for this time of year. Model could be way off.


This is beyond ridiculous for this early in the fall.


we had a week of that in early oct. but it rebounded. we’ve had a lot of frosts but i know people still growing potted plants outside. they just brought them in when frosts hit. mid 50’s here today.


Get used to it,according to Farmer’s Almanac, your area is only one with below average temps and above average precip in the whole nation for winter 2020/21.

Kentucky is close enough that we’ll get some of it but we’re more likely to get a yo-yo effect.


TSUNAMI WARNING 1: See for alert areas. M7.4 055mi SE Sand Point, Alaska 1255AKDT Oct 19: #NTWC


WEAK51 PAAQ 192100

Public Tsunami Message Number 1
NWS National Tsunami Warning Center Palmer AK
100 PM AKDT Mon Oct 19 2020


Tsunami Warning in Effect for;

    Kennedy Entrance, Alaska (40 miles SW of Homer) to Unimak
    Pass, Alaska (80 miles NE of Unalaska)

For other US and Canadian Pacific coasts in North America,
the level of tsunami danger is being evaluated. Further
information will be provided in supplementary messages.


  • The following parameters are based on a rapid preliminary
    assessment of the earthquake and changes may occur.

  • Magnitude 7.4

  • Origin Time 1255 AKDT Oct 19 2020
    1355 PDT Oct 19 2020
    2055 UTC Oct 19 2020

  • Coordinates 54.7 North 159.6 West

  • Depth 25 miles

  • Location 55 miles SE of Sand Point, Alaska
    575 miles SW of Anchorage, Alaska


  • Tsunami activity is forecasted to start at the following
    locations at the specified times.


  • Alaska
    Sand Point 1355 AKDT Oct 19
    Cold Bay 1445 AKDT Oct 19
    Kodiak 1450 AKDT Oct 19


Snowing here today.


I don’t necessarily give much credence to the Farmer’s or Old Farmer’s Alamanacs, but I will say that “global warming” has skipped my part of the world.


I saw snowflakes this afternoon…other then that just cold and clouds all day. Sun did not make an appearance.

Does show a run at 70F on Thurs, but rainy. Outside of that, stuck in the 40Fs probably until November.


Turned on the heat this morn - grandson is here for the day


I turned on mine last night. It had dropped to about 66F inside. Basement still is warm (ground heat) but the rest of the house was cooling down with no sunshine.

Snowing right now. Nothing sticking yet. I don’t like this. Wife started talking about Christmas music last night. I don’t like that either.

Slight warm up Thurs and then feels like December thru middle of next week.


7-8" of snow a few miles north of Des Moines. A new warning from nws, snow squall warning.


Your trees still leafed out? The Halloween snowstorm we had a couple years ago did a LOT of tree damage.


Ughhhh. It’s probably too much to ask for, but it would be nice to have a consistent winter for once instead of all the ups and downs we’ve been having recently. I remember a few years ago when it was 70 on Christmas Eve. So many ugly sweaters went unworn that year.