How is your weather?


I have a feeling that we could end up similar to what @maineorchard said, mild winter and cold in early spring from late March, April into May.

If so, our stone fruit would likely get hurt again. Wonder if this will be a new norm.


Got 5-6" of snow yesterday, most of it is still out there now. Very little melting. Forecast says 5-9" more tomorrow. This is pretty crazy. It’s not even late October


I read this set new records for earliest snowfall in parts of Minnesota…going back 140 years…so pretty significant. I’ll have to scan the Ft Snelling data and see if anything fell this early back in the early 1800s. Is this how ice ages start :mountain_snow:? GFS has single digits here early next week…lol I don’t even know if that is a thing here this early.

Nothing accumulated on the ground here but it was sticking to the car. Clouds again this morning.


The snow was mostly gone by noon. Slow release rain! We need anything we can get before the ground freezes. Good fall for corn and bean harvest. Apples were sweet and early this year.


Yep, measured 6 inches on the deck rail last night. Not sure if the same on the ground. No warm-ups in the forecast either. Don’t hold your breath on global warming.


Went thru a few years of Ft Snelling (right next to Minneapolis airport).

Oct 1820
Mid-October snowstorm: record indicates that eleven inches of snow had accumulated on 14 October, the last day of a three-day snowstorm.

Oct 1833
Cold, sunny (twenty “fair” days) October. Significant snowfall 16-17 October. Reading of 34 F at 1400 on 17 October. Snow on 27 October. Reading of 29 F at 1400 on 28 October. Mild, sunny (twenty “fair” days) November. Very little snow during November. Near record warm December.

Did notice that a few years with Sept snows did manage mild November/Decembers so maybe this will flip back mild long range or maybe it’ll be the coldest ugliest winter in history :snowman:

Clouds all day again. Climbed to 43F. Should shift to east winds and temp should near 50F tomorrow (previous runs had Thurs near 70F…so much for that). Then back to winter until later next week.


We still have not been below 32 degrees yet…and we won’t be until at least Sunday Oct. 25…has to be a new record for late below freezing date.


MPS/SP weather is more similar to central/west central WI weather than here. That’s the “banana belt” of MN :wink:


Look out Minnesota. Incoming wake up call :snowflake::snowman::snowflake:


Yep. . . the peach :peach: trees are going back in the garage for the winter tomorrow. They haven’t even dropped their leaves yet!


My place is in the “2” or “1” area. Forecast calling for a low of 7 the night of the 26th


Best of luck. Hopefully the models are overdoing it.


Sounds like wishful thinking…a mile Nov./Dec.


We are having an “unusual” warm spell with temps in the '70’s. Tomatoes and beans still haven’t frozen here and plants that volunteered from seeds in compost are starting to ripen some huge tomatoes when all my large tomato types have been killed by early blight, although for the first time a couple of my Brandyboys are sending out fresh healthy shoots that now have green tomatoes also, but too young to likely ripen.


3" rain overnite. That should be the drought-buster


Schools all over the area have closed due to the snow. I can safely say that I have never seen a snow day in October ever before.


winter of 08’-09’ was like that here . had permanent snow on the ground oct 8 and built from there. was record snowfall that winter. :wink:


Your area gets way more snow than here most every year I’d imagine. 45"-50" is our average annual snowfall here. We’ll be at around 15"-18" after today if the storm totals pan out. I’m holding out hope for a November warm up


yes . 110in. is about average. 08’-09’ dropped 200’’.


We average about 44 inches of snow a year here. That is usually pretty spread out too. I have seen snow stick from November to March.