How is your weather?


Sitting at 28 right now, calling for about 23 for a low. I was thinking I should’ve covered my strawberries, but this is only the third night below freezing, and it’s not supposed to be below 32 for at least a week. The leaves on them are still green, so they should be OK for now.

I hope our old dog is snuggling up in the hay in the barn tonight. But he’s been in much colder weather than this, but he is 12, so we worry about him.


Barely cracked 68F here today too. And I’m even seeing one day in the 50’s next week.


I think the best thing to do is monitor the soil with your hands- then you will develop a sense of when they need water over time. Use your senses AND common sense. I believe that even if the soil dries out almost entirely while trees are dormant, they will survive, so you don’t need to worry excessively. I had almond trees in sandy soil in CA that I never watered once. They survived years when only 2-3" of water fell the entire year. Many other species were not watered when dormant.


Same here.


Only got down to 25 here this morning, so not too bad. The strawberry leaves still look good, so I guess they’re OK for now.


Bounced back up to 70F here today. But check out these rain predictions :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I’ve been looking at similar predictions but so far they haven’t materialized.




Well, we did end up getting over an inch of rain today, and more on the way for next week. Great start to the rainy season!


Absolutely gorgeous seasonable weather…we have one warm day on Saturday and then it will barely crack the 70’s for the rest of the following week .Calls for some rain, but I have my doubts…we’re in that dry time of year for us.


upper 20’s during the day, teens at night. some snow flurries. hoping for some early snow to cover the plants before we get below 0 temps, esp. for my blackberries.


It’s cold!


25 here this morn, the heat’s been running a but more over the last few days. May have been the coldest morning so far.

But it’s sunny and in the 40s now, but still chilly. I hate seeing the cold weather start, but at least there’ll be no more yard work!


Plenty more yard work here


my wife and I were out having dinner Saturday night…I’m sitting at the bar in shorts, flip flops and a hawaiian shirt watching the snow come down in East Lansing during the Michigan State/ Maryland game…If the urge to be in cold weather ever strikes, I can always get on a plane…





Looks to become another see-saw year in the making. 2017 was the wettest spring BY FAR and switched in two weeks time to the hottest and driest - third record summer in 4 years. I just checked the monthly NOAA maps for the winter and summer months coming. Gonna see plenty of snow this time around - 4, 5 feet total? (I know, you folks with lake effect are laughing!) Better get my apple trees delivered soon to their new owners or I’ll have to wait until April.
We’ve already seen 2" of wet snow a couple weeks ago (3 weeks early) and nearly an inch of rain in 72 hours. For this region, that is wet. And there is plenty of time for the cold to settle in.


Today it was hot and dry.



22° this morning! Yikes. Coldest day of the season so far.

The Doodette decided to go out and sit in the deer blind this morn, she lasted about an hour, before she almost froze. The dog and cat decided to join her in the blind to keep her company. Didn’t see anything either.

Supposed to warm up tho, over the next week, maybe reach 60°.


Pretty steady here. Much cooler than it has been. I like it even cooler myself but this will do for now…