How is your weather?


They modified our forecast to not get out of the 50’s today or tomorrow…so I’d actually welcome the hurricane to pass over my area and give us a warm up. Supposedly it was to be 6 or 8 degrees above normal for October in the Ohio Valley…I’m still waiting.
In fact, I think we got above 90 only about 5 times all year, over 95 just once I think, and we hit 80 last week one day then back into cloudy and grey and cool.


Probably 8-10" in open areas and a foot or more in the woods.


Maybe the exposed stuff will melt, but the stuff in the woods might stick around. The ground is probably still warm…that might help too. Still have tonite to contend with. Showing 20F for a low locally.


Single digit lows here tonight. Yippee



I got around 2 inches of snow last night. It took me 2 hours to tuck in 150 plus potted figs away for Winter. I dumped about 7 pounds of unripe figs.


Tony, how is your back feel😜


I still have a fig in the garage (leaves have all fallen off) that i’m going to bury in the ground. Should warm up enough this week to get that done.

-22F in W Yellowstone this morning (record). Custer, SD was -10F. Plenty of cold air even to the south. Temperature continues to drop in Phoenix (az)…down to 61F… think that is the coldest so far this season.


We had snow this morning. It is strange, most of my plants resist losing leafs. I am waiting for them to drop most of their leafs in order to move them inside. Figs even clinch on their leaf in the snow this year




This cold air mass is looking brutal…we’ve got 3 decent days coming up then a possible Nor’easter on Friday.:astonished:




2in of snow fell last night . supposed to get down to 10f tonight.


8 degrees as I type this. With any luck, it’ll be quite awhile until we see another single digit low.


THey’ve started to name winter storms already.


Meanwhile in CA…
STILL waiting for our first rainfall since APRIL :unamused::unamused::fire::fire:


A Storm Surge Warning is in effect for #Zeta from Intracoastal City, LA to Navarre, FL, including adjacent bays and lakes. Maximum inundation could be as high as 5-8 ft above ground level along portions of the Mississippi and Alabama coasts.


the cajuns are really catching hell this year!


And maby not the last this year… models continue to give more storms to GOM…


A Hurricane Warning for #Zeta is in effect from Morgan City, Louisiana to the Mississippi/Alabama border. Tropical-storm-force winds will likely begin Wednesday afternoon, with hurricane conditions expected late Wednesday on portions of the northern Gulf Coast.

Storm Surge Warning in effect from the mouth of the Atchafalaya River in Louisiana to Navarre, Florida, including adjacent bays and lakes. Maximum inundation could reach 5-8 ft above ground level over portions of the Mississippi and Alabama coasts. #Zeta

#Zeta could produce flash flooding across portions of the central Gulf Coast, Ohio Valley, and Mid-Atlantic states through Thursday.


forecasts 2-4” of rain with isolated amounts of 6” in these areas.