How is your weather?


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#Zeta is officially making landfall near Cocodrie #LAwx as of 5:00 PM CDT with maximum sustained winds of 110 mph. This is the 11th continental US named storm landfall and the 6th continental US hurricane landfall of the season. Absolutely absurd by any metric.

With #Zeta’s last-minute intensification, surge projections have increased even further for parts of #MSwx where 7-11 feet of inundation is now expected. I believe this is now the third or fourth (?) storm to produce >10ft of storm surge along the Gulf Coast (Laura/Delta/Sally?)


Phoenix, AZ was 49f this morning…coldest morning since March 28th.

Nice day here…made it up to 56F. Mostly sunny, light winds. Cool off though the next few days.



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Check out these waves from Hurricane #Zeta on an oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico. This specific rig is south of Louisiana, and was near the eyewall of Zeta. They recorded wind gusts exceeding 150 mph, and waves over 50 feet!


The far western and mountainous region of North Carolina is under a Tropical Storm Warning!

Hurricane Zeta Tropical Cyclone Update
NWS National Hurricane Center Miami FL AL282020
500 PM CDT Wed Oct 28 2020


Don’t venture outside when the calm eye of the hurricane passes
over, as dangerous winds will return very quickly when the eye
moves away. Stronger winds, especially in gusts, are likely on
high rise buildings.

An unofficial weather station in Golden Meadow just reported
sustained winds of 94 mph (151 km/h) and a gust to 110 mph (177

A wind gust to 52 mph (84 km/h) was recently reported at Houma,
Louisiana, and a wind gust to 53 mph (85 km/h) was reported at New
Orleans Lakefront Airport.


LOCATION…29.5N 90.4W

Forecaster Blake


I think we might get some 60Fs and maybe even a 70F back in here late next week. Should be a nice stretch starting tues/weds thru the following weekend. Obviously this time of year stuff like that doesn’t last and it will fall of a cliff and we’ll be back to 20F.

Clouds and cool again today. Stuck at 41F


Nice. We’re supposed to hit 50 for two days next week, then a slow return to the 30s and 20s. Next week will likely be our one reprieve until next April. Much of the snow is gone here in open areas, but there’s still plenty in the woods. Maybe those warmer days next week will melt a bunch.


only 1 day in the next 7 will hit 40. most days its just above freezing. i think winter is here to stay.


Looks like ridging in the east and troughing in the west forming about the 2nd week of November. Should be mild along the east coast. Maybe even record heat for some areas.


I’m ready for some warmer weather. Snow on the ground for 10 days in October—unheard of!


Showing 58F today but only 39F tomorrow…winds are howling out there right now. Trees are still holding a lot of leaves around here.

Mid 60Fs by next Weds…looks like a very nice stretch of weather from about Tues-Sun. I’m going to drag all my houseplants back outside and give them a good spraying…maybe try to treat them for mites which always show up over winter.


That is my weather for today :grin: :slightly_smiling_face::joy:


Wow… very nice. Dont worry…a heat wave is heading towards the east coast n the extended range…especially the mid atlantic region. Record setting stuff by the looks of it.

I hate road salt. I had to beat a tire for 10 minutes with a 2x6 because it was so frozen to the drum (rusted together)…finally broke free. I had these rear wheels off a year ago and they were already that frozen. Drove over a screw and had to plug the tire. Hopefully it holds.


I don’t know what WI and MN (maybe other northern states too, don’t know) are using on their roads now, but it eats steel big time. I see a great number of 2-4 year old pickups (not Fords, aluminum) with rusted out wheel wells. I think it must be that crap that they spray on


Philipines just few hours from Super Typhoon Goni landfall. Pressure could be upper 880mb and winds 200mph…
Based on JTWC and JMA dvorak estimates of 8.0T, Goni is likely going to be upgraded to 170kts/195mph at the next JWTC update, officially tying Meranti and Haiyan as the strongest landfalling tropical cyclones ever!




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Beastly Super #Typhoon #GONI (#RollyPH) abut to make landfall on Catanduanes Island (highlighted) in #Philippines. Satellite estimates suggest winds of a whopping 170 knots. If it comes ashore at that intensity, it would be stronger even than HAIYAN at landfall—an historic event.

The official JTWC page just updated and this was there (that says wind gusts to 236 mph)


i don’t remember what its called but its mixed with water before being sprayed on. its crap as far as i can see. just makes a slush on the road. Canada uses it so the idea comes from them. its far worse than rock salt but doesn’t break windows like grit mixes used to, so many places are switching to it. seen 4 yr old cars rusted thru with this stuff. the body shops are loving it. luckily they still use gravel/ salt mixes on the back roads.


I live on a gravel road and nothing gets spread/sprayed on gravel roads in this township. A neighbor has some old (50s-60s) cars and trucks sitting in his cattle yard (it’s an eyesore, but it’s his property) and they aren’t as badly rusted as many of the new vehicles I see.


Around here they salt the heck out of the overpasses/bridges. The interstate gets salted heavily too and i think that is where our cars get it from mainly. The town here will only salt the bridges and the roads are sanded. The city salts about everything. It is brutal on cars. I have a 2012 Fusion and i noticed over a year ago the trunk had rust on it (the bottom lip) and this car spent a few years in Tennessee. Not fixable, i’d have to toss the entire piece and replace it.

Managed to get into the 60s today but the wind/clouds made it blah. Some kids trick/treating tonite.


i meant secondary tar roads. D.O. T takes care of the routes town takes care of the secondarys here.


Does rural Maine have dirt/gravel roads? Most of WI does not, there are some national/state/county forest roads that aren’t paved but most other roads are. Very few township roads in MN are paved.